Do I need to address a LKP500 to Lyric Security System?

The LKP500 does not get addressed, in the traditional sense, instead it gets learned into a zone, much like any other encrypted wireless contact, and is then supervised by the Lyric security system, via that zone.

The Lyric Controller can support up to 8 LKP500’s, supervised by zones 850 - 857. The best way to enroll the LKP500 is with batch enrollment. By using batch enrollment, a keypad trouble can be bypassed, allowing a user to arm. At 300 feet, the range on the LKP500 is much better than the older style 5800 series wireless keypads. The LKP500 is supervised by the Lyric for Check-in, and Tamper. The supervision rate is automatically set at 60 seconds, and can’t be changed. If the Lyric doesn’t hear from a particular keypad for more than 200 seconds, it will put the supervision zone for that keypad into Check. If multiple keypads are used, the zone description for each LKP500 can be edited to show which zone is supervising which keypad. There is a back tamper on the LKP500, so if the backplate is removed, the supervision zone will also show a Check. If the keypad is mounted to the wall, a screw can be attached through the back plate, to a wall stud so that if someone pulls the LKP500 off the wall, even if the backplate is not completely removed, the portion containing the screw will break away, which will fault the tamper.

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