Does a 5853 Glass Break Detector work with a 2GIG GC3?

The Honeywell 5853 can be programmed into any available wireless zone on the 2GIG GC3. Once programmed, it should be properly tested using the FG701 or other compatible glass break simulator to ensure proper operation. To enroll the 5853 into the GC3, take the following steps:

  1. From the Home screen, press the 2GIG logo in the upper right.
  2. Enter the Installer Code (Default = 1561)
  3. Press “System Configuration”
  4. Press “Wireless Zones”
  5. Choose the zone number you wish to program. Zones in use will be shown in black text, available zones will be shown in grey text. Once the zone number has been highlighted, press “Edit Zone”.
  6. After choosing to edit the zone, you'll be put into a screen where zone characteristic prompts will be shown on the Left, and the choices for each will be shown on the right. First, select a "Sensor Type". If you know the 2 digit response type you wish to use, you can enter it, you can also choose the Menu button ≡, and select from a list of options. Glass break sensors are usually programmed as perimeter zones. When finished, press the down arrow to go to the next prompt within this zone.
  7. Next, select an "Equipment Code". As on the Sensor Type section, you can select the Menu icon, and choose from a list of Equipment Codes. You'll want to select HW Glass Break "5853", which is equipment code 0519. Once selected, press the down arrow again.
  8. At the "Serial Number" prompt, you can manually type in the serial number for the 5853, or you can choose to learn it in. If you choose to learn the serial number, press the learn button, and once the GC3 indicates it's listening, insert the battery, or pull the battery tab to power up the 5853. You may need to remove the cover and fault the tamper to prompt a transmission. When the GC3 hears the transmission, the serial number will pop up on the display. Once it's been entered, press the down arrow.
  9. At the "Equipment Age" prompt, choose either "New" or "Existing" as the case may be, then press the down arrow.
  10. At the "Sensor Loop" prompt, be sure to choose Loop 1, if it is not already selected. When learning in the 5853 using the tamper, it may learn on the tamper loop, which is loop 4, but will not operate properly if left this way.
  11. At the "Transmission Delay" prompt, choose "Enabled" if you want this zone to observe a communication delay for alarms, the default delay is 30 seconds. Choose "Disabled" if you want alarms on this zone to be transmitted immediately.
  12. At "Voice Descriptor" you can program up to a 6 word descriptor for this zone. Select "Edit Voice Descriptor". You can either scroll the entire vocabulary list, or you can begin by typing the first few letters of a descriptor you wish to use, and then select it when it comes up on the display. Once you have the full descriptor programmed, press "Done"
  13. At "Sensor Reports" choose either "Enabled," if you want this zone to report alarms, or "Disabled" if not.
  14. At "Sensor Supervised" choose either "Enabled", if you want the panel to alert you if this zone fails to check in regularly, or "Disabled" if it's ok for this zone not to check in to the panel. "Enabled" is recommended.
  15. At "Sensor Chime" you can choose "Disabled" meaning when chime is toggled on for this panel, this zone won't chime when faulted, or you can choose from a list of different voice and chime options. As you select each, you'll get a pre-view of how the chime will sound. Once you've made your final selection for this zone, you can choose "Next Zone" to program another wireless sensor, or you can choose "Return to System Configuration", you can then press the "Arrow Left" key, and you will be given the option to "Save", "Go Back" or "Discard". "Save" will save your changes and reboot, exiting programming. "Go Back" will re-enter "System Configuration" and "Discard" will exit programming without saving any of your changes.

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