Is Tuxedo Touch considered a VISTA-20P AUI Device?

The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypad is compatible with nearly all VISTA Series alarm control panels. If you have the VISTA-20P alarm control panel, you will have to address the Tuxedo Touch keypad before you can use it. You will need to assign a device address within the Tuxedo Touch keypad programming options. To enter programming on the Tuxedo Touch, simply power up the keypad. The boot sequence will begin and "Set ECP Address" will be displayed.

You will need to set the Tuxedo Touch to an available AUI device address within your VISTA-20P device address programming. A VISTA-20P with a software revision of 3.0 supports (2) AUI devices and a VISTA-20P with a software revision of 5.0 or higher supports (4) AUI devices. Device address 1 will always be set as an AUI device by default the the VISTA-20P. Therefore, when your Tuxedo Touch displays "Set ECP Address", you can leave the address set to (1) and press apply. The other available AUI device addresses are 2, 5 and 6 with a VISTA-20P. If you are using multiple Tuxedo Touch keypads, or you have device address 1 set as an AUI device for your Total Connect account, your Tuxedo Touch will display "ECP Error" and you will need to assign a different device address within your Tuxedo Touch.

To program an ECP device address, press 'Setup' then 'System Setup' and finally 'CS Setup'. You will be prompted for your installed code and you should enter the default installer code of '4140' if the Tuxedo Touch is not connected to your VISTA-20P. If it is connected to your alarm control panel, you should use the installer code programmed into your VISTA-20P. Next, press 'ECP Address' and use the up and down arrows to choose the correct device address. Make sure to also set up your chosen device address as an AUI address within your VISTA-20P device addressing menu.

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Honeywell has a list of supported cameras for the Tuxedo at If you can set up any of these cameras recording to a DVR locally, you should also be able to view them from the Tuxedo interface as well. We don't really support that functionality and other cameras may work too as that list is a year old at this point.
-> Vista 20p 10.x firmware, currently using 6160 keypads... have had for 14 years, ticks along just fine and with the parts ordered today on your site, should be good for another 14 years. But, have been bitten by the automation bug. So am looking at swapping out one of the 6160s for a Tuxedo Touch WIFI to take advantage of the Z-Wave lights, lock, thermostat, garage integration. That part is easy for my brain to get wrapped around, including trigger scenarios. I have also considered going the HomeSeer route and using the $80 AD2USB interface, and enjoy similar alarm and automation integration. What I get bigger down on is cameras. the available docs on the Tuxedo suggest that it can connect to several cameras, but it is a watch real time thing or record for two minutes. What I would like is full DVR functionality on some other box (much disk storage is needed), but be able to view the realtime camera images on the Tuxedo. Is this possible? Daniel
Yes, the 6280 is just a regular AUI keypad so if the VISTA-12A supports up to two AUI keypads, you should be able to use the 6280.
It doesn't have Total Connect Ready or any internet options on the panel. But will the basic Honeywell 6280 AUI keypad work on this model?
The Tuxedo counts as an AUI and Total Connect also counts as an AUI. Since the Vista 12A is an international panel, I'm not sure what version is required to support Total Connect 2.0. Does your panel mention anything about supporting RIS (Remote Interactive Services) possibly in field *91?
Will the Vista 12A working with the Tuxedo? In the manual it says it supports 2 AUI devices, which Im guessing the Tuxedo would take both AUI ports because of Total Connect aswell.
You must have something hooked up wrong then. You may want to consult a local company if you aren't able to get it working yourself.
But its not doing anything
That is the normal boot up sequence.
Ok I switched 2 wires now it's saying panel busy
This FAQ should help -
How do I verify the address and how do I enable it in the system, aND what order do the wires go thanks a lot for all the info
You need to verify what address the Tuxedo is set to and make sure that address is enabled in the system. You also have to make sure your 4-wire connection to the ECP bus is correct.
Anything I should do differently
I just fallowed the 10se
How did you wire the Tuxedo to the panel? Are you using ECP address 01?
Wat am I doing wrong
Ok I got the Vista 20p and I hooked it up and after powering up it still says ecp error
Thank very much
The Tuxedo is not compatible with a VISTA-10SE. You should upgrade to a VISTA-20P.
My panel Is Vista 10se and I keep getting ecp error my old key pad is 6128

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