Does the Honeywell Home Tuxedo Require an Alarm Panel to Work?

No, the Honeywell Home Tuxedo does not require an alarm panel to work. You can technically use the Tuxedo as a standalone automation controller without an alarm panel. This will allow for local automation control. But you must pair it with a VISTA for security functions and remote automation.

The Resideo Tuxedo is a wired touchscreen keypad and automation controller for use with a Honeywell VISTA Security System. By setting this keypad up with your VISTA Panel, you can use it to perform security functions like arming and disarming. You can also access the Console Mode for the keypad to program the VISTA System. And if the system is monitored and set up with Total Connect 2.0, then you will also be able to access the TC2 platform to send remote automation commands to the Tuxedo. This is great for controlling your smart home devices remotely using a web browser or a mobile app on your smart phone.

It is important to remember that the Tuxedo is not an alarm system. The keypad offers very little functionality when it is used on its own without a VISTA System. Also, in spite of the fact that the Tuxedo has an internet connection, it is not a communicator for alarm signals sent by a panel. In fact, the only thing it can really do by itself is operate as a local automation controller. You can pair Z-Wave devices with the Tuxedo and control them locally from the touchscreen. You can also create localized scenes on the Tuxedo so that your Z-Wave devices activate automatically based on a predetermined schedule. The Tuxedo can support up to 20 local scenes. This is very rarely done, as most users will just get a dedicated automation controller for this purpose. But technically speaking, it is an option.

If you did want to use a Resideo Tuxedo Keypad as a standalone automation controller, then you would need to connect a DC power supply for the system. Since DC power would be used, you would need to follow polarity and correctly wire the positive (+) and negative (-) connections. There is no DC power supply included with the unit, as the Tuxedo normally just draws power from the panel it is used with. Again, using the Tuxedo as a standalone automation controller is not advised, as you can find many other dedicated home automation controllers on the market. We only recommend using the Tuxedo as a touchscreen keypad and automation controller for a VISTA.

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