Is the Honeywell Home Tuxedo a Standalone Alarm System?

No, the Honeywell Home Tuxedo is not a standalone alarm system. It cannot secure your home on its own. The Resideo Tuxedo is a keypad that is used to control a Honeywell VISTA System. The Tuxedo is also a Z-Wave Plus controller capable of building a smart home network around the VISTA System.

The Honeywell VISTA Series represents a lineup of wired security panels. With a wired system, you need an external keypad to control it. This is different from a wireless all-in-one system, where the keypad is built into the alarm panel itself. Adding a keypad to a Honeywell VISTA is necessary for controlling the system locally. This includes day-to-day functions like arming and disarming, as well as more advanced programming functions.

The Resideo Tuxedo is also not an alarm communicator. Many people believe that since the Tuxedo has a connection to the internet, it can be used to send alarm signals on behalf of the VISTA Panel. This is not the case. The internet connection is used to provide a pathway between the Tuxedo and the Total Connect 2.0 server. This is what allows a TC2 user to remotely control their Z-Wave Home Automation devices. The internet connection is also used to keep the Tuxedo updated with the latest firmware provided from Resideo.

The Resideo Tuxedo is special because it serves as a touchscreen keypad for a VISTA System. This means that it is operated using touchscreen controls. Many users find the Resideo Tuxedo to be more inviting and easier to understand than a traditional numeric keypad. This is largely due to the touchscreen controls and full-color menu options of the Tuxedo. And since the Tuxedo supports Console Mode, you can use it to program the system like you would with an Alphanumeric Keypad when needed. But on its own without a system, the Tuxedo cannot perform any security or system programming functions.

However, it is still recommended that you keep a traditional numeric keypad around, even if you have a Resideo Tuxedo Keypad. This is because the Tuxedo cannot be used to backdoor the VISTA System in the event that you become locked out of programming. A good numeric keypad to use with a VISTA System is the Honeywell 6160RF, as that keypad will also allow you to pair wireless Honeywell 5800 Sensors with the system.

The Resideo Tuxedo Keypad is not a security system, and it cannot perform any security functions unless it is paired with a VISTA System. But it can technically be used as a standalone automation controller if you don't have a VISTA Security System. To do this, you would need to provide a power supply for the unit, as it usually draws power from the panel. You can then pair Z-Wave devices with the Tuxedo for operation from the keypad. Up to 20 local scenes are available.

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