Does the Honeywell Home Tuxedo Require WIFI?

No, the Honeywell Home Tuxedo does not require WIFI. You can still use the device for local security and automation control, even if it isn't connected to WIFI. However, you must connect it to WIFI to use Total Connect 2.0 for remote automation commands and applying device firmware updates.

The Resideo Tuxedo is a wired touchscreen keypad and Z-Wave controller for a Honeywell VISTA System. By adding the Tuxedo to a VISTA Panel, a user can use the keypad for local security and automation control. This includes arming and disarming the system, changing system settings, and controlling Z-Wave devices. You can even create up to 20 localized scenes to have automation devices activate automatically based on a set schedule or with predetermined system events. All of this is possible without connecting the Tuxedo to WIFI.

But it is strongly recommended that you connect the Tuxedo to a WIFI network. This is the only way that the keypad can communicate with Total Connect 2.0. Since the Tuxedo serves as the automation controller for the system, Total Connect 2.0 needs to be able to send commands to the Tuxedo when you perform remote automation functions through a web browser or an app on your phone. The Tuxedo also uses this connection to receive firmware updates from the AlarmNet servers. Without a WIFI connection, remote access is impossible.

It is worth mentioning that both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WIFI networks are supported by the Resideo Tuxedo Keypad. However, you cannot use a hardwired ethernet connection with the device. Although the Tuxedo can connect with the internet, the Tuxedo does not serve as a communicator for the Honeywell VISTA System. You will still need to get a compatible AlarmNet Communicator and an alarm monitoring plan to set the VISTA System up with alarm monitoring service. This is required for using Total Connect 2.0 to send remote automation commands to the Tuxedo. The Tuxedo will need to be connected to WIFI for the remote TC2 commands to come through successfully.

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