Does the Skybell Work with the L5210 or L7000?

The Skybell does not actually connect with a security system. Instead, the device is integrated through Total Connect or Since both the L5210 and the L7000 work with Total Connect, a user with one of these panels will be able to use Skybell Cameras with their security setup.

At the present time, there is no way for any security panel to view a live video feed of the Skybell HD Doorbell Camera. Rather, all viewing will take place through either Total Connect or By using their respective mobile app, a user will be able to view a live video feed of their Skybell device from a remote location. Whenever a person rings the Skybell Door Bell, the user can then speak with them in live time using the same app. From there, the user has the ability to remotely unlock their Z-Wave door lock and disarm their security system so that their guest can enter.

When integrating a Skybell Camera into a security setup, a user will not need to take any action at their panel. Instead, all integration is done over the phone and through Total Connect or Assuming that Total Connect is being used with a Honeywell Security System, the user will need to contact their alarm monitoring company and let them know that they would like to activate the Skybell feature on their Total Connect account. Their monitoring company will then enable this feature on their behalf. This will then make it possible for the user to add up to five (5) Skybell devices to their Total Connect account. If the Skybell has already been configured through the Skybell app, the user can integrate the device to Total Connect by simply providing the Skybell Login and Password. If it has not yet been configured, the entire setup can be performed through Total Connect, and the Skybell app is not required.

Once the Skybell feature has been activated on the user's Total Connect account, the user can then link their camera with their account. This can be done through the Total Connect app. The app will walk the user through the entire process of integrating the camera with their account. Once this has been done, the user should test the device by viewing the camera's live video feed from the app. The user should also make sure to change any necessary settings for the Skybell camera on Total Connect.

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