Does a Tuxedo Touch Work As a Lyric Gateway Keypad?

No, the Tuxedo Touch WIFI cannot work as a keypad for the Lyric Gateway.

The Tuxedo Touch WIFI keypad is a 7 inch touchscreen keypad that can interface with a Honeywell Vista wired alarm system. The Tuxedo Touch has a built in web server and can function as a standalone Z-Wave controller and IP-CAM viewer. A user can access and remotely control the Tuxedo with a smart device by connecting to its web server through a web browser. The Tuxedo can connect to a network with its integrated Ethernet jack or its built in WIFI communicator.

The Lyric Gateway is the newest all in one wireless panel by Honeywell. The system is manufactured with a built in Z-Wave Plus controller and integrated WIFI communicator or RJ45 Ethernet jack. The top of the system opens to reveal two expansion bays where an AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be added. The system has three communication options - WIFI, Ethernet & Cellular. A combination of Cellular plus WIFI or Cellular plus Ethernet can be used in a Dual Path configuration. With Dual Path enabled, the system will use WIFI or Ethernet, whichever is configured, as long as the network is available, and will automatically switch to cellular communication if the primary path fails.

The Lyric Gateway is fully compatible with all SiX Series devices. Communication between the Lyric Gateway and SiX Series devices is fully encrypted, and bi-directional, providing up to the minute battery and signal strength status. Because the SiX Sensors use 2.4 Ghz to communicate, their wireless range is up to 300 feet from the main control. The only remote keypad that the Lyric Gateway can currently interface with is the LKP500. The LKP500 is a wireless keypad within the SiX Sensor family. It has an alphanumeric display, a soft touch keypad, system status, arming and panic buttons. All of the buttons and the display offer an adjustable backlight option. The keypad has the ability to voice annunciate system status, and garage door zone faulting. The keypad also has its own backup battery and dedicated power supply. The keypad will need to be wired up to its transformer and plugged into its own outlet. The Lyric Gateway can support up to 8 LKP500 keypads at one time.

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