Does Z-Wave interfere with other wireless electronics?

Z-Wave generally operates at a frequency way below most RF devices. There are very few opportunities in the modern world for Z-Wave to interfere with other technologies. At only 900MHz, there is a chance it might interfere with some devices such as cordless phones, but as those are becoming a thing of the past, it's generally very unlikely that you have anything in your home operating at a frequency that would see interference.

If you are interested in adding Z-Wave devices to your home, you should not have to worry about wireless interference.

If you are looking for a Z-Wave controller and a good place to start for Z-Wave, Honeywell has many different security systems that will integrate with Z-Wave products. As for which Z-Wave devices to use, we recommend Leviton's light switches for all lightning applications, Honeywell's ZWSTAT for thermostats and Yale's Z-Wave deadbolts for locks. You should choose between the L5100 and the Tuxedo Touch for your Z-Wave controller.

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