Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100 vs L5000

The Honeywell L5000 LYNX Touch was the first touchscreen wireless alarm control panel ever released. The L5000 combined the convenience and ease of installation found in a wireless alarm control panel with the stunning display and intuitive user interface found in all Honeywell graphic touchscreen alarm keypads. You could use any of the wireless Honeywell 5800 Series sensors with the L5000 LYNX Touch. You could also use the ILP5 or GSMVLP5 internet and cellular alarm communicators to sign up for AlarmNet monitoring and Total Connect 2.0 interactive services. However, the L5000 was really just the first version of the real LYNX Touch security system.

Honeywell L5100Honeywell L5000

The L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system takes all of the great features of the L5000 and then adds the power of Z-Wave® wireless home automation! Now you can protect your property and family with the same L5100 system that you use to remotely turn your home's lights, locks and thermostats on and off. This is a huge new feature and Honeywell is fully committed to providing easy home automation services. Once you press a single button from your iPhone® to arm your system, lock your door, turn your lights off and set your thermostat to 75° F, you will see how powerful the new L5100 LYNX Touch wireless security system really can be.

The L5100 LYNX Touch also has another important feature that makes it a big upgrade over the original L5000 LYNX Touch. Compatibility with the L5100-WIFI internet alarm communicator means you can use a wireless internet connection between your LYNX Touch system and your router. You still have the option to use the ILP5 wired alarm communicator if you already have run your Ethernet connection, but the L5100-WIFI will make it much easier to install a new LYNX Touch internet security system. With the L5100-WIFI, the LYNX Touch finally has a real option for dual path diy alarm monitoring as well. If you add the GSMVLP5-4G to your L5100-WIFI enabled LYNX Touch, your Total Connect connections and your alarm signals will use the speed of the internet as a primary path. However, if the internet goes down for any reason, the secure and reliable GSMVLP5-4G will be ready to offer a secondary path of communications to ensure you always have a connection to your security system.

If you are looking at the LYNX Touch Series wireless alarm control panels, you should absolutely choose the newer L5100 over the older L5000. The L5100 has so many important upgrades that even if you have an existing LYNX Touch system, it is worth scrapping the older L5000 to upgrade to the new L5100 system.

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