Honeywell Tuxedo Touch vs LYNX Touch L5100

The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch and the LYNX Touch L5100 are very different products, however they look very similar and are oftentimes thought of as very similar.

To start with, the Tuxedo Touch is an alarm keypad for the VISTA series panels. It is not a security system itself. The L5100, on the other hand is a security system that comes with a beautiful touch screen keypad that looks very similar to the Tuxedo Touch's screen.

The Tuxedo Touch comes with a built in Z-Wave controller. It can be used as a standalone controller for z-wave devices, like the Z-WAVE light switches that we sell. LIkewise, the L5100 can be used as a Z-WAVE controller, but it must be installed with the L5100-ZWAVE card. This installation is simple, and takes about 10 seconds. But it is worth noting that while the Tuxedo Touch is designed as a keypad controller for a security system, it's primary design was as a viable, standalone ZWAVE controller. The L5100, on the other hand, was designed primarily as a security system, and can be modified to work as a fully functional Z-WAVE controller.

The Tuxedo Touch is a wired keypad. The L5100 is wireless. All it needs is a transformer, and the rest of the process is very simple since it's sensors are wireless. The Tuxedo runs off house power, and is generally wired.

Finally, currently, the L5100 is compatible with Total Connect 2.0; the Tuxedo Touch, on the other hand, is not. While a VISTA 20P, for example, can be controlled using Total Connect, its AUI keypad, the Tuxedo Touch, cannot be. What this means is that an user cannot execute remote home automation on their Tuxedo Touch, unless they use port forwarding.

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Thanks for the clarification. You just helped me make my decision to goto the Lynx alot easier!

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