Honeywell Vista 20P vs Vista 10P

There are many factors to take into consideration when researching the purchase of a security system, Such as; how many zones and features does the panel support? Can I add on enhanced features or will there be enough zones to expand the system at a later date?

The Vista 10P is a 6 on board hardwired zone panel, and supports 16 wireless expansion zones providing a total of 22 protected zones. The Vista 10P also has 8 independent keyfob zones allowing 2 wireless keyfobs to be programmed without using any of the 22 zones. The Vista 10P can support up to 8 graphic keypads. When the Vista 10P is paired with an AlarmNet Internet Communicator such as the iGSMV4G or the 7847i or a standalone Cell Communicator, such as the GSMV4G or the GSMX4G, connection via land line would not be necessary to communicate with a monitoring station or connect to Total Connect 1.0. The Vista 10P panel does not support Total Connect 2.0.

The Vista 20P is an 8 on board hardwired zone panel and supports 40 hardwired expansion zones and 40 wireless expansion zones providing a total of 48 zones of protection. Wireless keyfobs can be programmed without using any zones on the Vista 20P. The Vista 20P supports a total of 8 keypads, 6 graphic keypads, and 2 fixed keypads. A land line can also be eliminated when the Vista 20P is paired with an AlarmNet Internet Communicator, the iGSMV4G or the 7847i or a Cell Communicator, the GSMV4G or the GSMX4G via communication to a monitoring station but also allows connection to Total Connect 2.0.

The Vista 10P supports up to 16 user codes and 32 event logs and cannot be partitioned. The Vista 20P can have 2 independent partitions and 1 common partition, supports up to 48 user codes assigned to either partition and 100 event log viewable at the system keypad with time/date stamp.

The Vista 20P is compatible with the Tuxedo Touch Wifi whereas the Vista 10P is not. The Tuxedo Touch Wifi is a zwave controller that can also be used as a second keypad for the Vista 20P. The Tuxedo Touch Wifi will allow a user to control home automation (z-wave devices) such as door lockslightingthermostats, appliances, and more.

These are just a few feature comparisons between the Vista 10P and the Vista 20P.

The Vista 10P is the most economical and is very suited for a variety of installations.

The Vista 20P can provide enhanced features and is also suited for a variety of installations.

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