how can I have remote access to my L5100?

If you want remote access to a Honeywell L5100 Lynx Touch alarm control panel, you will need to sign up with a Honeywell AlarmNet dealer for access to the Total Connect 2.0 app. Without Total Connect, the only remote access available with the LYNX Touch would be a wireless keypad or the L5100 Connect app which only allows you to control the system using a wireless device that's on the same network as the system.

Total Connect 2.0 is the only way to have true remote access to your L5100 security system. You will need to have an alarm communicator installed in your LYNX Touch before signing up for Total Connect. You can choose between the L5100-WIFI communicator or the GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator or you can run both units in tandem. If you wanted a hardwired internet communicator, the ILP5 is also an option. Keep in mind that the ILP5 uses the same port as the GSMVLP5-4G so you won't be able to run hard wired internet and use the cellular backup.

If you want to give Total Connect service a try, feel free to try one of our no contract monitoring plans that will grant you and your family access to all the great features of Total Connect. If you want to learn more about Total Connect take a test drive of Total Connect 2.0 today. As you will see in the test drive, you are able to arm, disarm and bypass specific zones remotely from a computer or smartphone application. You can even customize system notifications that can be sent directly to you via email or text message. Want to know when your system loses AC power and goes on battery back up when you are away? Set up an AC loss notification. Want to be notified when your children get home from school? Set them up with their own user codes so you can receive live messages when they get home. Total Connect gives you a direct connection to your system from anywhere!

The beauty of this interactive service is that it is packaged in a clean, user-friendly app that anyone can use. Our self-monitoring plan allows alarm owners to get access to all of the features of TC 2.0 for only $10 per month. Want a central station monitoring your system as well? Check out our Plus+ plan which includes both central station monitoring and Total Connect 2.0. There is no contract, no activation fee and we offer free tech support for any of your Honeywell alarm needs.

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We do agree that the LYNX Touch systems can be hard to work with as an end user. The reason for that is that the system and the installation guide were designed and written for an alarm installer because these systems are only supposed to be sold through an actual Honeywell alarm dealer. We are one of the few Honeywell alarm dealers that sell direct to the end users online and will help out an end user that purchased one of these systems online without realizing the limitations. We are here to help you navigate the installation/programming and we have low cost, no-contract monitoring options that can allow you to control the system remotely and receive alerts. Our Self Bronze plan online at for $10/month would give you access to Total Connect 2.0 service using the panel's WIFI module. Feel free to sign up online if and when you are ready.
These systems are anything but user friendly unless you pay the monthly fee. I just want the ability to self monitor my system via my smart phone so I called honeywell and they said they cannot help i need to call an authorized dealer which is a red flag.

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