How Do I Access Zone Programming In A 2GIG GC3?

Zone programming is found in the Installers Toolbox, so users will need the installer code for the 2GIG GC3 to access zone programming. The default installer code is 1561.

There are two ways to enter the Installers Toolbox for zone programming.

The first way is to tap the 2GIG logo found on the top right corner of the home screen > enter the installer code.

Or, from the touchscreen - press the home button found (circle with the square) on the right side of the panel > home screen tap system settings found on the bottom right of your screen > enter installer code.

Once the Installer Toolbox menu appears select System Configuration.

System Configuration allows programming of wireless and hardwired zones, keyfobs, keypads and panel programming.

If programming a wireless zone (the 2GIG DW 10 , 2GIG GW 20R and the Honeywell 5800 series are compatible, like the5811), select wireless. The next available wireless zone will be in gray letters. Tap Edit > select Sensor Type > Equipment Code > Seven Digit Serial Number > Select New or Existing > Loop > Enable or Disable Transmission Delay > Voice Description > Enable or Disable Sensor Supervision > Select a Chime > Return to System Configuration > Save

Users can change the installer code from the factory default 1561. Tap Panel Programming from the Installer Toolbox menu. Q1 enter the existing installer code > or enter a new 4 digit, it cannot be the same number as the master code or any user code.

From the homescreen users will find System Status on the top left part of the screen. To the left of System Status, there are icons for messages, brightness and volume and the 2GIG logo.

There is also the Arm Stay and Arm Away icons that can be used with entering your code. The time, date and weather is also displayed.

Users can tap the 2GIG logo and enter a duress code which will transmit the duress signal to a central station.

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