How Do I Activate the Chime on a DSC Impassa?

You can activate the chime on a DSC Impassa by toggling the chime setting to On. To toggle the chime, either press and hold the "Chime" button on the keypad, or enter in the command [*] [4]. The system will make a particular sound depending on whether the chime has been set to On or Off.

The DSC Impassa System allows the user to enable the chime feature for any zone on the system, regardless of zone attribute. Zone attributes Delay 1, Delay 2, and Instant will all have chime enabled by default. Programming section [800] allows you to select from five different chime options per zone number. The options are 6 Beeps, Bing Bong, Ding Dong, Alarm, or Disabled. By default, for those zone attributes with chime enabled automatically, 6 Beeps is the sound that will be produced.

When the chime function is toggled to On, the system will produce three beeps to indicate the feature has been enabled. When the chime function is toggled to Off, the system will produce one long continuous tone indicating that the feature has been disabled. With the chime function set to On, the system will produce a chime whenever a zone programmed to chime is faulted.

Complete the following steps to toggle the chime function on a DSC Impassa System:

1. Toggle the chime. Either press and hold the "Chime" button for two seconds or enter in the key command [*] [4]. This will toggle the system's chime function. This means if the feature is off it will turn on. If the feature is on it will be turned off. Make sure that the system is disarmed when doing this.

2. Check the setting. If the system produces three consecutive beeps, then chime has been toggled to On. If the system produces one long continuous tone, then chime has been toggled to Off. Listen for the sound, and make sure that the chime has been set to the desired setting. If it hasn't, repeat Step 1 to toggle the chime On or Off.

3. Test the chime. Activate a zone set to chime. If the chime function is set to On, a chime should be produced by the system. If it is set to Off, then the system will not produce a chime.

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