How Do I Add a Key Fob Serial Number to a Honeywell L3000?

To add a key fob serial number to a Honeywell L3000, you must first access zone programming. After going through various programming options, you will eventually be prompted to learn-in the key fob serial number and the button loop number. Both of these can be auto-learned by the L3000.

Each button on a key fob will be assigned to a separate wireless zone on the L3000 system. However, the same serial number will be used for each of these zones. This is because there is only one serial number per key fob device. In order to differentiate the various buttons on the key fob, each button is pre-associated with its own loop number. For instance, on a four-button key fob, one button will be assigned to Loop 1, another to Loop 2, and so on.

There is one special note about the serial number on a key fob device. If the key fob allows for more than four functions to be performed by pressing two or more buttons on the device at once, a "1" will be automatically added to the last digit of the serial number in order to differentiate these inputs. For example, serial number one might be 0012345, which would make serial number two be 0012346. Again, these inputs will need to be specifically programmed with the system in their own wireless zones.

The user will need to go through the programming process for each button on the key fob, with each button being identified by both its individual loop number and the device's serial number. Without the serial number, the button on the key fob will not be identified, and it will not be able to send commands to the system. This makes assigning the serial number one of the most important steps of the process for programming a wireless key fob to a Honeywell L3000.

Complete the following steps to add a key fob serial number to an L3000 system:

1. Access zone programming. On the L3000 system, enter in the Installer Code (the default code is 4112). Then press [8] + [00]. The panel should soon display the message "20 Installer Code". Once this message appears, enter in [*56]. This will take you to zone programming.

2. Select a zone. The first step within zone programming is to select the zone that will be used. For key fobs, you must use the zones numbered 26 through 41. We recommend starting with zone number 26 and then working your way up from there in order to avoid confusion. Enter in the two-digit zone number, followed by the [*] key to program that zone.

3. Continue programming. Proceed through key fob programming as usual. You will eventually get to a step for learning in the loop number, followed by a step for learning in the serial number.

4. Learn-in the loop number. Prompt E will have you auto-learn the serial number and the loop number for the button on the key fob. To auto-learn the serial number and the loop number, press and hold the button on the key fob for two seconds, and then release it. Repeat this process once more. The panel should make two beeps to confirm that the serial number and loop number were learned-in. Verify that it is the correct loop number for the button you are enrolling, and then press the [*] key to continue.

5. Confirm the serial number. Prompt 1AL is used for confirming the serial number. Assuming that you have auto-learned the loop number in Step 4, the serial number for the key fob should be displayed on the screen. You can confirm the serial number by checking the sticker on the back of the device to make sure that it matches the code on the screen. To confirm the serial number and loop number, you can press and hold the same button on the key fob that was used for programming in the previous step. If the serial number and loop number transmitted matches, the system will beep three times and display the message "1ALC". This stands for "Auto-Learned and Confirmed". Press the [*] key to continue.

6. Finish programming. You will be taken to the 1A prompt. Press [*] to skip. Once you finish, you will automatically be taken to the next available wireless zone for programming. Remember, each button on the key fob will need to be programmed to its own wireless zone in order to function.

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