How Do I Add Z-Wave Compatibility To a Honeywell L7000?

The L5100 Z-Wave module is intended to provide connection between Z-Wave devices and compatible Honeywell Lynx Touch panels. It allows the panel to work as a full-fledged Z-Wave controller.

In order to make this unit Z-Wave compatible, an user will need to add the L5100-ZWAVE as demonstrated in the following video.

While this video shows the addition of the L5100-ZWAVE to the L5200, the process and placement of the module is the same for the L7000. Release the front of the case from the back by depressing both tabs at the top of the unit with the blade of a flat screwdriver. The system will beep signaling a cover tamper. To stop the beeping press the home icon.

Power down the L7000 by unplugging the the power cables (a process made much easier if the LT-cable was used in the initial installation) and disconnecting the battery. There is a receptacle on the L5100-ZWAVE at the bottom right. Install the L5100 Z-Wave module on the board making sure the receptacle is secure on the controls edge connector.

The L5100-ZWAVE's edge connector is located on the left bottom side of the board. Make sure to install it on the LEFT side for Z-Wave as is demonstrated in the video. There is a matching black connector on the right side, but that is for WiFi. After installing the module, reconnect the battery and plug the power back in. Let the system power cycle back up.

Once completed, the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 will have capability of controlling multiple Z-Wave devices.

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Hi Are you a customer of ours? If not, we cannot verify your server settings. If you are not seeing an “Automation” section on TC2 then you will need to get your alarm company to enable TC2 automation services. Then run a panel sync under the locations section to pull in the z-wave devices
Have you set the time zone correctly? You'll find this under Security > Tools > Master Code > Date and Time. There are three menus here, you'll find them by clicking the down arrow on the right. Also, feel free to email us directly at for better support.
Should I expect Zwave devices to show up on TC 2.0 app on an iPhone?
Tried setting up scenes to turn off and on landscape lights. Also added a schedule to trigger these scenes at specific times. The schedule to turn on is not working but the schedule to turn off somehow works. What am I missing?
Hi! No, the panel will not erase everything you have programmed already. Powering it down is just rebooting the device, it will do nothing to the current programming you have set.
Looking into installing the Zwave module. Related to the older powering down question - will Lynx 7000 remember all the sensors if I power down and also unplug the battery?
The L7000 will not accept inputs from Z-Wave security sensors (door/window contacts, motions, etc) and can only control Z-Wave devices like lights, locks and thermostats. You must use Honeywell 5800 Series ( ) RF sensors to activate the L7000 system.
looking at this Lynx 7000 with the Zwave, Im wondering what will happen to my already install door and windows Zwave parts that's already running with fibaro home center, do they get included into both ? ( I also have movement sensors )
Glad to hear it worked.
Thanks for the quick reply, when I tried to exclude it, it did not find it. After a several more tries, I finally got it recognized. Back to normal
You should try excluding the switch and then re-including.
I have my l7000 with the L5100 with a zwave switch enrolled with scene and rules. I had to power down the unit and and mount it as I was redoing the power line connection. After I put it back, it lost the zwave switch. I am having issues re-enrolling it. Any guidance? All other settings are good
Okay, let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at as well.
The monitoring option is what I have been looking into..
Yes, it's a great system! We have no-contract monitoring options at if you are interested in having central station service and/or Total Connect 2.0 service.
Thank you... This is a Great product and Im having a blast with all the add-ons
No, you won't lose programming if you power down, even if you leave it powered down a long time.
Once I power down and install the l5100 zwave will i have to re program all the sensors and user codes after it boots back up?

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