How do I add Z-Wave Compatibility to My L5100?

The Honeywell L5100 can be more than just a home security system. With a simple upgrade using a wireless Z-Wave controller, your system goes from just a regular wireless security system into a complete smart home system.

In order to make your Honeywell 5100 become a full-fledged home automation system, you simply have to add a Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE controller to your panel.

The installation of a the L5100-ZWAVE into the LYNX Touch 5100 is incredibly easy and all it requires is a flat head screw driver. Watch Sterling show you below:

After installing the L5100-ZWAVE, your LYNX Touch 5100 will be able to control nearly any Z-WAVE devices, including up to three Z-Wave thermostats, fourZ-Wave door locks and 40 Z-Wave lights.

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There shouldn't be a monthly charge to install the L5100-ZWAVE module and control your Z-Wave modules from the L5100 screen. However, AlarmNet (Honeywell division that provides Total Connect) does charge its dealers more for automation services so if you wanted to add automation to your Total Connect account, that would be the reason they are asking for more per month.
Why would my alarm company be asking me to pay a $5.00 monthly charge for this? If I install it myself and its all automated from the house, why would I need to pay a monthly service fee? Or is it a scam?

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