How do I assign loop numbers on a VISTA 128BPT?

Loop numbers are used with serialized devices, both wireless, and VPlex, to differentiate between multiple available inputs, on a device with a single serial number. For example, the 5816 is a wireless door/window contact. It has a single serial number assigned to the unit. However, using loop numbers, it has the ability to utilize multiple zones. Loop 1 of the 5816 is associated with a pair of terminals on the transmitter. This normally closed input can be used to connect any conventional normally closed magnetic contact. You could attach a contact to the screen on a window, for example, program the zone with the 5816 serial number, and loop 1. You could then use the same 5816 mounted to the window itself using the magnet and reed switch to monitor the window opening. This would be programmed on a separate zone with the same serial number, and loop 2. Two zones, one transmitter/serial number, two loops.

This brings us to our original question, how to program loops on a Vista-128BPT. Follow these steps to enter Zone Programming:

Enter Installer Code + 8 + 000 (by default, 4140 + 8 + 000)

This will bring you to a screen that says "Program Mode, * = Fill, # = View"

Enter # 93 (*93 will also get you there)

You'll be prompted, "Zone Prog.? 1 = Yes, 0 = No" Enter 1 for Yes.

"Set to Confirm? 1 = Yes, 0 = No, Enter 1 for Yes.

"Enter Zone No - 010, then press * " (Remember to use 3 digit zone numbers.)

You will see a summary screen, such as this, press * to move into zone programming.

Next, you'll be prompted for Zone Type, choose from one of the following:

The zone type you choose, will determine which prompt you receive next:

There are other prompts and programming options when programming zones on the Vista-BPT panels. So many, in fact, there's not room to show them all here. Continue through the prompts, answering questions and pressing * to move forward until you come to this prompt:

As noted, you can learn in the serial number/loop number combination by transmitting a fault/restore twice at this prompt. You can manually enter the 7-digit serial number, press *, and when the cursor is under the L, enter the correct loop number for the transmitter and input you're using. If you press the C key, the last serial number entered will automatically populate the S/N field, then * will bring you to the loop number, so you can enter it properly. Press * when finished to continue to the next prompt.

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