How Do I Bypass a Zone on the 2GIG Edge?

You can bypass a zone on the 2GIG Edge by starting from the main screen, clicking the settings icon (the gear) in the bottom-right, entering the Master Code or Installer Code, choosing Bypass Sensors, finding the programmed sensor you want to bypass, and clicking its toggle button to green.

When you bypass a zone, you are telling the system to ignore the sensor temporarily, until it is un-bypassed at a later time. This can be a good alternative to deleting a zone entirely and then having to reprogram it from scratch. The bypassed sensor will remain inactive while bypassed, and even if you fault the sensor, nothing will happen on the 2GIG Edge System. When at least one (1) zone is bypassed, you will see the system in a unique state called "Ready to Arm (BYPASS)", and it will remain in that state until you either arm the system with the sensor(s) bypassed, or you "un-bypass" every bypassed sensor so that there are no bypassed zones on the system.

By default, disarming the system will automatically un-bypass all bypassed sensors unless the "Auto Unbypass for Manual Bypass" feature is disabled in Q118. Please note the system will not allow you to bypass any zone programmed as a life-safety sensor, such as smoke detectors and CO detectors. These sensors will not show up in the list of zones that can be bypassed.

Complete the following steps to bypass sensors on the 2GIG Edge:

1. Access Bypass Sensors Menu. Begin from the main screen of the 2GIG Edge. Click the settings icon (the gear) in the lower-right corner of the screen. Enter either the Master Code (default 1111, but usually changed) or the Installer Code (default 1561, usually kept at default). Find the option for Bypass Sensors, and select it. You will enter the Bypass Sensors Menu.

2. Bypass Programmed Sensors. All programmed sensors that can be bypassed should appear in the Bypass Sensors Menu. Find the sensor you want to bypass, and click on its toggle switch. When its toggle switch is grey, the sensor is not currently bypassed, and it is active on the system. When the toggle switch is green, then the sensor is currently in a bypassed state, and it is not active on the system. If you want you can click the "show bypassed sensors" button in the bottom-right corner to isolate all the bypassed sensors. This will have the screen display only the sensors that are currently bypassed, and non-bypassed sensors will not be displayed. Continue to the next step once you have bypassed all the programmed sensors that you want to have temporarily inactive (bypassed) on the security system.

3. Return home. After you have properly bypassed sensors according to your needs, you can press the picture of the house in the bottom-right corner to return to the home screen. Assuming there are no actively faulted sensors, the system should be in a "Ready to Arm (Bypassed)" state. When you arm the system, any bypassed sensors will remain inactive on the system, and they will not be able to trigger an alarm when activated. Remember, any sensors that ARE NOT bypassed will still be active, and they will still trigger a system response if they are activated. This can include system alarms. Only sensors that are currently bypassed will be ignored by the system.

4. Un-Bypass Sensors. If you ever need to un-bypass a sensor, then return to the Bypass Sensors Menu, find any bypassed sensors that you want to make active, and toggle their switch from green to grey. After you finish, you can press the picture of the house in the bottom-right to return home. Remember, when the switch is green, the sensor is bypassed and ignored by the system. When the switch is grey, the sensor is not bypassed, and it is active and able to trigger a system response. If you have at least one zone bypassed, then the system will be in a "Ready to Arm (Bypassed)" state. You will only get the regular "Ready to Arm" state if no zones are bypassed and no zones are faulted.

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