How Do I Bypass a Zone Through Total Connect?

You can bypass a zone through Total Connect by logging-in to the service, entering the sensors menu and then choosing which sensors to bypass. When you return to the arming screen, options for "Arm Away Bypass" and "Arm Stay Bypass" will be displayed as the system arming options.

Bypassing a zone tells the system to ignore that zone number, while still processing information from unbypassed zones. This is useful if a user wants a programmed sensor to remain temporarily inactive while the rest of their system is active. Users can pick and choose which sensors to bypass and which ones will arm with the system as usual. Please note that zones can only be bypassed while the system is disarmed.

Complete the following steps to bypass a zone through Total Connect:

1. Access Total Connect. Open up Total Connect 2.0 through either the mobile app or the web browser. Provide the necessary account information to access the system.

2. Bypass the sensors. Click on the "Sensors" button on the security screen of Total Connect 2.0. This button is in the green portion of the screen on the left, above where the option for "Arm Away" is located. After clicking this button, every sensor that is programmed with the system will be displayed. Clicking on a sensor will cause a blue circle with a check mark to appear next to it. This indicates that the sensor has been selected. Go through and check every sensor that you want to bypass.

Once you have selected every sensor that should be bypassed, press the blue "Bypass" button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This will bypass any sensor that was selected. The request will be sent from Total Connect to the panel, and Total Connect will confirm once the command has gone through. Press the "OK" button to continue. Then hit the "Back" button in the upper-left corner of the screen to return to the Total Connect 2.0 main screen.

3. Arm the system. The arming screen should now display options for "Arm Away Bypass" and "Arm Stay Bypass". These options indicate that there is currently at least one sensor bypassed for the system. Clicking either of these options will allow the user to arm their system as usual, only with the bypassed sensors remaining inactive.

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