How do I change a master code on an L5000 or L5100?

Follow these instructions to change the master code on your Honeywell LYNX Touch alarm system. The touchscreen on the L5000 and L5100 makes it easier than ever to program your security system. With the system in a disarmed state, press “More” to go to the second page of the home screen, and then select “Tools.” Enter your existing 4-digit master code (default is 1234) when the keypad displays on the screen. Then, select the “Users” icon and you will see options to change the Master, Babysitter, and Duress codes, as well as the ability to add or edit additional user codes. If you do not know the existing master code, you can also change the master code using the installer code. When you select “Tools” and the keypad is displayed, enter the Installer code (default is 4112) instead of the master code to access the system programming menu. Advance to the second page of the system programming menu, and you will see an option to “Reset Master Code” which will change the master code to the factory default of 1234. Then you can enter the master programming menu as described above to change the master and user codes.

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When you power it on, is it showing that it's armed currently? If so, the backdoor programming method won't work. You'll need to try the default 1234 Master Code or the default 4112 Installer Code in hopes one of those two codes disarms the system. If they don't, do you have a key fob that you can try to use to disarm the system? If all that fails, you'll need to try every code from 0000 to 9999 until you guess the right code to disarm the system. Once it's disarmed, you can follow the steps in this video - to get into programming and reset the Master Code.
Thank you Sterling. I tried, it did work! But it started to alarm, I disconnected the battery and power in order to turn it off, So what is the next step? How can I reset the master password and set my own password?
I would try opening the panel and disconnecting the battery and unplugging the transformer. Leave it off for 10 minutes and then plug the battery back in and finally plug the transformer back in and report back.
L5100, 4 buttons, just symbols
Which actual system do you have? How many physical buttons are beneath the touch screen and do the buttons have words AND symbols or just symbols?
9VDC and 20VAC !
What do you get when you meter the terminals in the panel?
I tested the transformer by multimeter, It still working and shows 9VDC, I'm wondering why I see 20 volts AC and 9 volts DC by switching the multimeter on AC and DC?! It shouldn't be shorted, I just disconnected the GND wire and connected it again in same terminal, Any way, so that the panel is damage. Is there any fuse in the panel or something that I can replace it?
It sounds like you did have the system armed which is why you couldn't access the programming. If you disconnected the wire in the panel while the wall transformer was plugged in and it "spiked", you may have shorted out the wall transformer or damaged the panel. We offer a replacement transformer at that you could purchase to test if it's the transformer or panel that is damaged.
Yes, nothing is lose, Once I wanted to connect the ground wire back to GND terminal then it spikes and didn't turn on. It didn't spikes by connecting and disconnecting the ground wire any more. I just bought the house and it suppose to be inactive, but it alarmed by opening the garage door and it didn't happen since I moved to this house from 2 weeks ago. I'm confused about this system!
Was the system armed when the Tools icon was grayed out? You can't access Tools on a system that is armed. As for it not powering back up, did you check the battery and panel/transformer connections to make sure nothing is loose?
I wanted to reset the password, but the "Tool" icon was disable, so I opened the door to do a hard reset and I disconnect the battery and 20 volts power, but after reconnecting it didn't turn on again. Do you know what's happened? is it burn or no?
So you have an L5000 (4 buttons under the touch screen with words AND symbols on each button) and you don't know the Master Code?
I have the same issue.
Just to be clear, the GSM unit that works with the L5000 is called a GSMVLP5. It has its own SIM card installed so you don't need to purchase on separately. Also, since you are considering upgrading, I'd like to point out the GSMVLP5 is not a 3G / 4G capable unit and therefore won't work past 2016 when AT&T has announced they will be dropping support of their 2G network. That alone should be reason enough to upgrade to an L5100 with a GSMVLP5-4G.
Makes sense, I suppose you don't want everyone just resetting security systems at will. I think I will probably go SIM card shopping this weekend. Although part of me considered upgrading to the 5100 model, but I can't justify the cost.
It is called Compass 2.0 and it is provided by Honeywell to dealers only.
If I may ask, what software do you use that would allow it to be reset? (Is it something found on the market, or is that proprietary?)
That might be an option as well. We are considering activating the GSM card.
I don't have an L5000 to play with but that is what the installation guide says. I will have to check one of our test panels and post an update if that option isn't being displayed. The other option is to sign up for service using an internet or cellular communicator and then we could reset the master code for you using remote software.
The default appears to have been changed as 1234 just kicks us right back out to the main screen. When I get into the Program option, hit the down arrow I get Sounder , System Settings, and Default Config as choices. Is it possible I have another model or is something else amiss?
You can hit More, Tools and enter the default master code (1234) which should take you to the Master programming section. From that screen, the Users option is where you would set your master code. If you need to reset your master code, there is an option under the Program option. Hit More > Tools > enter installer code > Program > hit the down arrow > Reset Master Code.
We have a L5000 and after lots of button presses we have gotten the installer code. I am trying to set a Master code, but I don't have a Reset Master Code option in the programing menu. So right now it doesn't appear we can add users.
Sounds like you have locked yourself out of programming. Take a look at the second paragraph at which walks you through getting back into system programming. The referenced 'Off' key is the open padlock button at the bottom of the panel. However, you don't need the installer code to change your codes. You should enter More > Tools > then enter your Master Code to get to the User menu that allows you to add/delete/change user codes.
The installer code isn't working. My husband sat the master code and he's gone now. I can't change the alarm codes and I'm really need to for my safety.

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