How Do I Change the Chime tones on a Lyric System?

Changing the chime sounds on a Lyric security system is done through the installer programming menu. Select Tools. Enter the installer code. Go to programming and select zones. Enter the zone you want to change, and toggle to the chime you would like. The standard chime is 3 fast beeps.

Each sensor can have it's own chime except CO sensors, Smoke sensors, and heat sensors which have pre-programmed tones. An end user can even give each kind of sensor (door/window front/back) its own sound.

To change a zone's individual chime sound, make sure that the alarm system is in a disarmed state.

  1. Select "Security" from the home screen. This will bring an end user to a screen where all security actions are performed.
  2. Select "Tools" and put in your Installer Code (Default is "4112"). Tools brings up a number pad. The end user is able to either enter in a master code - which is used to arm the panel, or, the end user can enter the installer code - which will bring the user to the installer programming menu.
  3. Select "Program," then click "Zones."
  4. Highlight the zone you'd like to modify and click "Edit."
  5. Toggle chime noises by pushing "Chime." This is found at the bottom of the screen. It is in the middle.
  6. Click "Save." Then click the back arrow until you get to the home screen.

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