How Do I Change the Master Code On a 2GIG Edge?

You can change the Master Code on a 2GIG Edge by accessing the Users Menu, clicking on the edit icon (the pencil) next to the Master User, entering a new code, and then confirming that code by entering it again. You can then return home by pressing the house icon in the bottom-right corner.

The Master Code (MC) on the 2GIG Edge is the primary code for arming and disarming and accessing Master-level settings. By default, the MC on the 2GIG Edge is 1111. However, you should change the Master Code to something else, as a smart intruder might try to use that code to disarm the system when breaking and entering. The MC cannot make as many system changes as the Installer Code (default 1561). You should keep in mind though that the Installer Code cannot be used to disarm the 2GIG Edge System, so keeping the Installer Code at its default is usually okay. In fact, we recommend keeping the Installer Code at the default so that you do not become locked out of programming. That being said, the Master Code is a different story, and you should change it away from its 1111 default. This will probably be one of the very first things you do upon purchasing the system.

In order to change the Master Code on your 2GIG Edge, please complete the steps listed below. Remember that you will need access to either the system's Master Code or its Installer Code.

1. Access Users Menu. Start from the main screen of the 2GIG Edge. Press the settings icon (the gear) in the bottom-right corner. When you are prompted for a code entry, you can enter either the Master Code (default 1111) or the Installer Code (default 1561). Alternatively, if the Master User has been configured with facial recognition capability, then you can instead use the appropriate "facial biometrics" to verify Master User authority. To learn more about 2GIG Edge facial recognition technology, please review this blog post. After you have verified proper authority (either through code entry or using facial recognition), choose the option for Users. This will take you into the Users Menu.

2. Edit the Master Code. When you are in the Users Menu, locate the Master User. Click the pencil icon located on the right-hand side of Master User. You may be prompted to review a Regulatory Statement if this is your first time changing the Master Code. If that is the case, scroll to the bottom of the Regulatory Statement, and click the green Accept button in the bottom-right corner in order to continue. You will then be at the "Edit Master User" screen. Click the field for "Access Code" with the current MC listed. A numeric keypad will appear on the screen. You should then enter the new Master Code that you want to use, and then press the blue Next button in the bottom-right corner. Keep in mind that you cannot use a code that is already assigned to a different user. For example, if the Installer Code is at its default of 1561, then you cannot set the Master Code to 1561. The 2GIG Edge also does not allow a code of "0000" to be used. After you enter a valid code and press Next, you will then be asked to confirm the code by entering it again. Enter the same code to confirm it. Then after you enter the code again, press the blue Save button in the lower-right corner to confirm the newly changed code.

3. Return to home screen. After you click the blue Save button, the Master Code will be changed. You can return to the home screen by pressing the small house icon in the bottom-right corner. You may want to try testing the code by arming the system and then using it to disarm. If the code works for disarming, then you can be sure that it has been changed successfully. Remember to keep this code secret and protected, as the Master Code will give you full access to the security system.

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