How Do I Configure a Resideo IPCAM-WOC2 for Use w/ TC2?

Configure the Resideo IPCAM-WOC2 by mounting the hardware. Follow the steps to join the camera to a WIFI network, connecting power during this process. Then, log into the Total Connect 2.0 account via the mobile app, go to Cameras and choose Add Camera, then follow the prompts to finish.

Setting up the IPCAM-WOC2 includes the physical installation of the hardware, as well as the WIFI setup and the Total Connect 2.0 setup. Each of the two (2) FAQs below go into greater detail on each of these topics:

Complete the following steps to configure the Resideo IPCAM-WOC2 for Use With Total Connect 2.0:

  1. Prepare the camera. Mount the camera hardware in the desired location. It is always recommended that camera WIFI and TC2 be configured before the hardware is mounted. This allows for easier access to the camera. It can be helpful to use a third-party app to verify WIFI signal quality at the intended mounting location. Also, when mounting outdoors, be mindful of the lighting. Sun that shines directly into the lens will have a negative impact on image quality.
  2. Prepare a smart device. In order to pair the IPCAM-WOC2 to WIFI, and subsequently to Total Connect 2.0, a smart device such as a phone or tablet is required. The smart device must be connected to the WIFI network you intend for the camera to use. Bluetooth must be enabled on the smart device, and no other Bluetooth devices should be connected at the time you intend to configure the camera. This includes speakers or headphones.
  3. Login to Total Connect 2.0. On the smart device, log into the Total Connect 2.0 account you intend to pair the camera with. If it has not already been installed, the TC2 app can be downloaded from the app store or the Google play store. Your alarm dealer will have created an account and provided you with login credentials. The Total Connect 2.0 logo looks like this:
  4. Start the pairing process. Within the TC2 account on your smart device, press the Cameras option. On iOS devices, this is either at the bottom of the screen, or listed within the More screen, accessed by pressing the More (...) icon at the bottom right. This depends on how you have your navigation order set within TC2. On Android devices, it's either on the top row, or you can reach it by pressing the hamburger menu icon (≡) in the upper left, and then choosing Cameras from the drop-down.

    Once you access Cameras, choose the Plus Symbol (+) on Android devices, or choose "Add Camera" on iOS devices, both in the upper right. This will bring up a selection of camera types. Choose the proper camera from the list (IPCAM-WOC2). Provide a name for the camera. You can choose a pre-configured name, or create your own. Then press Next to continue.
  5. Connect camera power. The camera configuration wizard will walk you through the process of joining the IPCAM-WOC2 to WIFI and then to the TC2 account. When told to do so on the smart device screen, plug in the camera's power. The camera will go through a one (1) to two (2) minute power-up sequence. The LED will flash in a variety of colors. When this sequence is complete, the camera's LED will begin flashing only blue. At this point, continue to the next step.
  6. Create QR Code. When prompted to do so through the configuration wizard, press the "Generate QR Code" button. The QR Code will appear on the smart device within one minute.
  7. Complete pairing. Hold the smart device with the QR code directly in front of the IPCAM-WOC2 screen. Per the instructions on the screen, hold the smart device between three (3) and eight (8) inches from the front of the IPCAM. The camera will provide an audible indication that it has seen the QR Code, and the smart device will provide a confirmation message on the screen.

    Complete the setup wizard by choosing the appropriate WIFI network, and providing the proper password when prompted to do so. The IPCAM-WOC2 will finish its internal configuration and when it does, the camera LED will light a steady green and the smart device will show that configuration is complete. You can then either quit the wizard on the smart device, or choose to add another camera. Logout and back into Total Connect 2.0, and you should be able to view the feed from the IPCAM-WOC2.

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