Can I Add a 5800WAVE Maintenance Zone on L5200, L7000?

If you want to program the optional maintenance zone for a Honeywell 5800Wave siren to a Lynx L5200 or L7000, enter programming by pressing the “Security” icon. Now select the “More” icon then the “Tools” icon.

On the displayed touchscreen keypad, enter the 4 digit installer code (Honeywell’s default installer code is 4 1 1 2).

The installer tool menu will appear, press “Program” button. Once in programming on the L5200, the “Armed” and “Ready” LEDs flash. On the L7000 the “Panic” button is lit and the “Home” button alternately flashes red and green.

Select “Zones”. Select “New”.

Click on the "Serial Number" box and either auto enroll the zone:

Plug the 5800Wave siren into an AC outlet. Within 15 seconds, place the tamper magnet next to the tamper position-indicator lines on the case and wait until the yellow LED turns off. Remove the magnet to cause a transmission. The yellow LED will flash when the transmission is sent. Activate the tamper three times and it should take you back to the main zone settings screen with the proper serial number enrolled and loop number 1 set in the "Loop Number" box.


Manually type in the 7-digit serial number found on the 5800WAVE and then click Done. When manually enrolling, also make sure to select 1 for the "Loop Number" box.

Once the serial number and loop are input,

Select "Device Type" and choose "Other".

Select "Response Type" and choose "Day/Night".

Toggle "Alarm Report" to "Yes" if you want the maintenance zone to report to your central station with a monitored system and toggle it to "No" if you aren't monitored or don't want this particular zone to send any signals to your central station.

Select "Disabled" for the "Chime" box.

Select "Supervised" for the "Supervision" box.

Finally, click Save and exit programming, making sure to say "Yes" when asked about allowing the installer back into programming mode.

The maintenance zone is not required for the 5800WAVE siren to sound the audible alarm when the LYNX Touch panel goes into alarm mode. All you need to do is use the panel's RF House Code to pair the 5800WAVE to a LYNX Touch panel. The maintenance zone will add the ability for the LYNX Touch panel to alert you to siren low battery, AC loss or supervision troubles.

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