How Do I Connect a Honeywell ZWSTAT to a 2GIG GC3?

You can connect a Honeywell ZWSTAT to a 2GIG GC3 through the Z-Wave learn mode of the GC3 security panel. This will allow you to automatically learn-in the ZWSTAT with your 2GIG GC3 system. Make sure that you test the ZWSTAT thermostat after it has been installed and enrolled.

Since the GC3 system has a built-in Z-Wave plus controller, it does not require any additional add-ons to communicate with Z-Wave devices, such as the Honeywell ZWSTAT. The ZWSTAT can be used as a regular standalone thermostat, or it can interface with compatible Z-Wave controllers. If your GC3 is set up with, you will be able to control the ZWSTAT remotely.

Complete the following steps to connect the ZWSTAT to the GC3:

  1. Turn on Z-Wave Learn Mode. On the home screen of the GC3, click on the 2GIG logo in the upper-right corner of the display. When prompted for a code, enter the Installer Code (default is 1561). Next, click on “Smart Home Settings”. Then select “Add Devices”. The GC3 will display “Add Devices Now", indicating that the system is in Z-Wave learn mode.
  2. Enable learn mode on the ZWSTAT. On the ZWSTAT screen, click the “System” button.
    Next, press and hold the 3rd button and the 5th button at the bottom of the screen.

    Click the down arrow in the middle of the screen until the ZWSTAT displays rF 10.

    Click the up arrow on the right side of the screen to display a 1. The ZWSTAT should display “Adding Device”. Click the “Done” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen once enrollment is complete.
  3. Test the thermostat. Press the back arrow on the left side of the GC3 screen until the system is back on the home screen. Then, click the “Smart Home Controls” button in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Select “Thermostats”. The ZWSTAT can be monitored and controlled from this screen.

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