How Do I Connect My 2GIG Edge to WIFI?

You can connect your 2GIG Edge to WIFI by clicking the Settings icon in the bottom-right corner of the main screen, entering the MC (default 1111) or IC (default 1561), and choosing Network > Wireless > find the WIFI network > enter the WIFI network password > Next > re-enter the password.

The 2GIG Edge Alarm System uses WIFI connectivity as one of its two (2) connection pathways for communicating with However, the system's WIFI connection is technically optional. requires an active cellular communication pathway, and the Edge has a built-in LTE cellular communicator (AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE) that must be set up and configured, assuming that you want to use the 2GIG Edge System with alarm monitoring.

Meanwhile, you could go the entire lifespan of the 2GIG Edge Panel without setting up the panel's WIFI connection, but if you did you might miss out on using the 2GIG Edge Remote Wireless Keypad. This keypad looks exactly like the 2GIG Edge and allows a user to perform all the same functions as the main panel, but from a secondary location. Up to 8 remote keypads, either the 2GIG Edge RK or the 2GIG Pad1-345, can be used with the system. The Pad1-345 is a much more basic keypad allowing Arming, Disarming, Fire Panic, and Police Panic functions and nothing else. This keypad connects to the panel using the 345MHz frequency, much like any other wireless transmitter. The 2GIG Edge RK can connect to the panel using WIFI (2.4GHz or 5GHz) but if WIFI is unavailable, it can also connect to the 2GIG Edge using Access Point mode. This is a mode where the 2GIG Edge supplies its own network connection that the remote keypad can connect with. This type of setup has a notoriously short range, however, so if you plan to use this option, set your expectations accordingly.

That being said, most 2GIG Edge System users have WIFI in the homes and offices where the Edge Alarm Panels are used, and most cellular monitoring plans also include internet monitoring at no extra charge. With that in mind, most 2GIG Edge users will simply connect their systems to WIFI. There really is little, if any, reason not to connect a 2GIG Edge to a WIFI network for internet protocol (IP) monitoring service. The WIFI communication pathway is nearly always there, and it's available at no extra charge, so you may as well take advantage of it. Another advantage of connecting to WIFI is the fact that a WIFI connection at the panel is required if you want to use the Live Streaming Video feature on the panel with cameras. The use of this feature won't be possible, though, until the system is activated with and the feature is enabled by the alarm dealer.

You can technically get the 2GIG Edge connected to WIFI before you have the system set up for monitoring service. However, completing this process really only serves a useful purpose once the 2GIG Edge System's built-in cellular radio has been activated and the system is being used for alarm monitoring. By completing this process once the 2GIG Edge is active on a cellular network, you will be setting up an additional communication pathway for the Edge Alarm System. In this case, it is a WIFI pathway. But just like the cellular pathway it is used for communication with the servers.

Remember, you cannot activate the system with on WIFI-only. Per requirements, a cellular communication pathway is mandatory. This is just giving your 2GIG Edge Security System another method for communicating with the servers in the rare event that its LTE cellular communicator is offline. There is no real downside to setting up the additional WIFI pathway, and it may even increase your system's communication speed in some situations. Almost all 2GIG Edge users will complete this process, and it is something you will likely do shortly after setting up your 2GIG Edge Alarm Panel.

Complete the following steps to connect your 2GIG Edge to a WIFI network:

1. Access Wireless Network Menu. Begin from the main screen of the 2GIG Edge Alarm Control Panel. Click the settings icon (the gear) in the bottom-right corner. When prompted for a code, you can enter in the system's Master Code (default 1111, but usually changed) or Installer Code (default 1561, usually kept at default). It really doesn't matter which one you use here, as both codes accomplish the same end result in this particular case. After entering the code, choose Network. Then choose the option for Wireless. You will enter into the Wireless Network Menu.

2. Connect to WIFI Network. Scroll through the list of available WIFI networks in the area, and find the wireless network that you want to connect the 2GIG Edge System with. Click on the desired network once you have found it. You will be prompted to enter the password for the network. Remember that the password will be cAsE-sEnSiTiVe, so be very careful when entering it. After carefully entering the password, click the blue Next button in the lower-right corner. You will then be asked to confirm the network password by entering it a second time. Carefully enter it again, and then press the blue Next button in the bottom-right again. If the process was completed successfully, then your 2GIG Edge Alarm Panel should connect to the WIFI network. You will be taken to a summary screen of the network at this time. When using the Live Streaming feature to stream cameras to the 2GIG Edge screen, the panel and the cameras in use must be connected to the same WIFI network. Doorbell cameras need to be connected to the same SSID and the same band (i.e.,2.4GHz)

3. Return to Home Screen. Press the picture of the house in the bottom-right corner to go back to the home screen. The network settings will be saved automatically. You can always return to the Wireless Network Menu, and click on the connected WIFI network to view the current network status. This is also where you can review important information for the Edge Panel's WIFI connection if needed. If you ever need to connect the 2GIG Edge to a different WIFI network, then you can access the Wireless Network Menu, choose a new WIFI network, provide and confirm the network password, and ensure a successful connection.

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