How do I connect a Honeywell ZWSTAT to an L5200?

In order to connect the Honeywell ZWSTAT (Model: TH8320ZW) with the Honeywell L5200 alarm control panel you will need to have the L5100-ZWAVE controller installed in the panel. It is a card shaped module similar to the L5100-WIFI that connects to the left side of the board when the speaker is located on the top right.

First, you will need to set the L5200 to "Inclusion Mode." Follow these button presses from the home screen of the L5200: Automation > Down Key > Tools > Include Devices. Once you are in inclusion mode you will want to go into "Settings" on the left side of the thermostat.

See the bottom of page 6 in the installation manual to identify the thermostat.Along the bottom of the thermostat you will see 7 buttons (some without labels). Press and hold the 3rd and 5th button from the left. You will see "0120" on the screen. Just to the right of that, there are up and down keys. Press the down key until you see "RF10." Then using the set of up/down arrows on the right to set the number to "1." Then press "Done" on the bottom left. This essentially learns the thermostat into the L5200 by including it via Z-Wave.

You should be able to see the thermostat listed in the background of the inclusion screen on the L5200. You can click abort after it has been added. Then hit the back key and go into thermostats. Give the system a few minutes before enrolling another Z-Wave device. The mesh network can take some time to acquire the most efficient path back to the controller.

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