How Do I Disarm a GC3 w/ a Paired Z-Wave Door Lock?

You can disarm a GC3 with a paired Z-Wave door lock by entering a valid panel user code in the lock. System codes are automatically pushed down to the panel from The feature must be enabled by your alarm company. The code will need to be granted access to the lock from

2gig gc3 diy wireless security system w slash 7 screenUser codes are not transferred directly from the 2GIG GC3 Panel to a Z-Wave door lock. Instead, the process is facilitated through If the GC3 System is not paired with, then Z-Wave door locks cannot be used to disarm a GC3 System. If you don't have access to, talk to your alarm monitoring company about gaining access to the service. For Alarm Grid customers, is included with Gold Level Plans and higher.

Your monitoring company will need to enable the Locks feature for from their end. If your monitoring company has not yet enabled the feature, you should ask them to do so. Additionally, you will need to grant access for the code to the lock from Make sure to save your changes when finished. You can then use that code to unlock the Z-Wave lock and disarm your GC3 System in one convenient action.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will assume that the Z-Wave lock is already enrolled with the GC3 and that the system is already being used with We will also assume that the Locks feature from has been enabled by the alarm monitoring company. Complete the following steps to add a new system code that can control your GC3 and your Z-Wave lock:

1. Add a new code. Start from the main screen of the GC3 with the system disarmed. Choose System Settings in the bottom-right corner. Then enter the Master Code, which has a default of 1111. Choose Users, followed by Add User. Then enter a name for the user. Then enter the code you want to use, and press Next. Then confirm the code, and press Next. The new user code will be added. You can then repeatedly press the return arrow on the left side of the screen to go back to the main screen. Your panel should automatically sync with to reflect the new user code.

2. Grant lock access. You can grant lock access from using the website portal or the Mobile App on Android and iOS devices. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will be using the website. Go to, and login to your account. Then press the Users tab. Find the user you added in the the previous step. If the code does not appear, you can try the refresh button in the upper-right corner. Press the pencil button on the right to edit the settings for that code.

Note the Access Control sub-menu on the following screen. Make sure Lock Access is enabled, and make sure the lock you want to control is selected. Panel Access will also need to be enabled for this to work. With both options enabled, press "Save" in the bottom-right corner to continue. You can then exit

3. Test the code. Go to your paired Z-Wave locked. Try using the code you created to lock and unlock the lock. Also try unlocking the lock while the system is armed to see if the system disarms. If you can disarm the system by using the code on the lock, then the process was successful.

NOTE: You must also create an event-triggered lock automation rule from the Automation section of for this to work. This will be a rule that tells the GC3 System to disarm based on a change in a lock's current status. Rules can only be programmed using the Customer Website, they cannot be created through the App.

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