How Do I Setup High Security Mode on a LYNX Touch?

Honeywell is now shipping the 5834-4 wireless key fob in high security mode from the factory. After you program the key fob and map it to a user code, you will need to pair each key fob to your LYNX Touch. High security mode activates encryption, which makes RF transmissions more secure.

To confirm the key fob is in HS mode, the LED will blink red when you press and hold a button for 3 seconds. The fob is in standard security mode (no encryption and same code) if the LED is green. If your fob is in SS mode and you would like to set it to HS mode, press and hold the A, C and D keys (closed padlock, person inside the home, and red asterisk) simultaneously for 5 seconds. Assuming that your key fob is now in HS mode (blinking red on button presses) now it's time to pair it with the panel.

From the home screen, issue the following button presses: Security > More > Tools > Installer Code > Test > Go No Go Mode. This will place the system in Go No Go mode. There should be a yellow bar across the top of the screen that reads, "Go No Go Test - Home to Quit." Now, press and hold the A, B, and C keys (closed padlock, open padlock, and person inside the home) simultaneously until you hear the panel beep twice. If you have programmed the key fob for double button presses, press and hold the A, B and D keys (closed padlock, open padlock, and red asterisk) simultaneously until you hear the panel beep twice. You will need to do this for each key fob since the panel needs to handshake with each HS device individually.

Lastly, press the Home key beneath the touchscreen and enter your master code. This will exit you out of Go No Go test mode. Now, test the key fob to ensure that it is properly communicating with the panel.

Be aware, that the key fob is designed for arming/disarm from outside the secured premise. There is a loud audible beep on the panel for arms and disarms. This is to verify the system is receiving the commands from the key fob from outside. You can disable this feature by disable the "Arm Confirm" setting under the "Sounder" settings.

Please consult the Honeywell 5834-4 Installation Manual for more information.

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Yes, the Readyguard+ is just a LYNX Plus and you can use a 5834-4 in high security mode on that system.
Will this work in HS mode on a Readyguard +?

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