How do I program a 5834-4 to an L5200 or L7000?

The Honeywell 5834-4 offers a way to wirelessly control your Honeywell L5200 or L7000 LYNX Touch alarm control panels. First, enter programming by pressing the Home button located beneath the Touchscreen. Then press Security > More > Tools > Enter the Installer Code (Default is 4112) > Program > Keys.

Once you are in the Keys field, press "Add New" on the bottom.

The "Key Type" should be set to 4 button.

Then click the "User" and map the key fob to whichever user you would like. Keep in mind, the guest code can only disarm the system if it was armed with the guest code. In other words, it will not be able to disarm the system when armed by any other user.

Then click the "Serial Number" field. You can manually type in the 7 digit serial number listed on the back of the key fob (i.e. A XXX-XXXX) or you can auto-enroll it by pressing and holding any single button for 3 seconds, 3 times.

The buttons are programmed by default to match the icons on the 5834-4. For example, Button 1 is a closed padlock icon and is set by default to Arm Away. The only adjustment that needs to be made here is Button 4. By default, the panic button is disabled. Set Button 4 to "24 hr Audible" or "24 Silent" depending on your desire for the panic button to trigger an audible alarm or be completely silent. If you are not interested in setting up the panic then you can leave the setting on Button 4 to "No Response."

After you have saved the key fob programming, we can exit out of programming. The last step of programming the key fob is choosing a security mode. There is a standard and high security mode. High security mode means the RF transmissions are encrypted and use rolling codes. This mode will protect against RF interception that could possibly lead to break-ins. We recommend setting up HS mode on your key fob. Then test each button on the device to ensure everything is working.

**Learn how to setup the 5834-4 as an 8-button key fob**

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Working perfectly now. Thanks a million!
John, When in High Security Mode, there is another step to perform. Have a look at this FAQ, it will tell you how to perform this step.
Followed these instructions to the letter. The FOB auto-enrolled without apparent issue, is in high security mode (red LED) and is assigned to a user. However, button presses do nothing. Any idea what could be wrong? Paired with an L7000, BTW. All equipment is brand new. Thanks!

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