How do I setup a 5834-4 as an 8-button key fob?

The Honeywell 5834-4 wireless 4-button key fob supports 8 commands using single and double button presses. There are two serial numbers. One for single presses and the other for double button presses. Traditionally, the VISTA-P Series panels required setting up two different 4 button key fobs with different serial numbers. This is cumbersome and involves matching the proper loops in programming. The LYNX Touch panels (L5100, L5200, and L7000) are smart enough to map the proper serial number based on the Button number setting in programming.

From the home screen press Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (4112 is default) > Program > Keys > Add New (along the bottom). This will put you into key fob programming mode.

Key Type: 8 Button

User: User of your choice. (The user should be set to the user code you wish to use when the key fob communicates with the panel.)

Serial Number: 7 digit serial number listed on the back of the key fob. You can also auto-enroll by entering the serial number field (you should see the number pad on the screen). Then press and hold any single button on the key fob. Repeat this 3 times. You should hear the panel beep each time. Then the serial number auto-populate into the field.

Zone: The zone will be selected automatically.

Button Keys: Each button key is mapped to its own zone. By default the single button press zones are mapped to the proper commands based on the icons on the 5834-4. You can skip to Button 4 and set whichever function you desire. Traditionally, Button 4 is set to "24 HR Audible" which is an audible police panic button. This will trigger the siren when pressed and dispatch the police if you have central station monitoring.

Double button presses are mapped to double button presses. The legend below should be helpful in programming the proper command to the desired double button presses.

8-Button Key Fob - Serial #1

Button 1: Button A = Closed padlock (top left)

Button 2: Button B = Open padlock (top right)

Button 3: Button C = Person inside the home with small asterisk (lower left)

Button 4: Button D = Large red asterisk (lower right)

Button 5: Buttons A + C = Closed padlock (top left) + person inside the home with small asterisk (lower left)

Button 6: Buttons C + D = Person inside the home with small asterisk (lower right) + large red asterisk (lower right)

Button 7: Buttons A + B = Closed padlock (top left) + Open padlock (top right)

Button 8: Buttons B + D = Open padlock (top right) + large red asterisk (lower right)

**Please note: After you save both sets of 4-Button key fobs in programming, you will want to setup High Security mode.**

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