How Do I Enable the GSMVLP4G on my Honeywell L3000?

The L3000 panel supports reporting via phone line as well as cellular communication. In addition, with a GSMVLP4G installed, the L3000, version 20.1 or higher, supports Total Connect 2.0. Determine whether the panel reports via Cellular, phone line, or both, using *55 and *77.

  1. Enter Programming
  2. Once in programming enter *55, and choose from the following options. To report via GSM only, enter a 3, to report via both GSM and phone line enter a 2. This is the programming location that tells the L3000 whether or not it will be using the GSMVLP4G.
  3. Enter *77, and choose whether you want the L3000 to report via phone line first, GSM first, or GSM only. Depending on which option you choose, then determine the dynamic signaling delay. For example, if you choose Primary Dialer Preferred channel, that means the panel will attempt to send all signals via phone line first. If the panel doesn’t receive an acknowledgement that the signal was received successfully within the delay time programmed in location 1, it will then attempt to send the same signal via the GSM. If you choose LRR/IP Preferred Channel, it will do the same, but will attempt to send via the GSM first, and if no acknowledgement is received within the delay time, it will then attempt to send the same signal via phone line. If choosing LRR/IP reporting only, the delay simply needs to be anything other than a 0. For this, the suggested entry is a 2, 2, which is easy to remember. Dynamic Signaling allows you to use one communication path as a primary, and the 2nd only in the event the primary fails, thereby cutting down on redundant signals to the central station.
  4. There is no other GSMVLP4G specific programming required, but bear in mind that the GSM is told what to report, and when, by the panel’s dialer queue, which means anything that would keep the panel from communicating via phone line, will also prevent the GSM from reporting, even if no phone line is being used. For this reason, be sure all report codes are properly enabled, and that the panel’s dialer has not been disabled from a downloader. Also, there is no special programming required to support Total Connect 2.0. If the GSM has been enabled in the above fields, and the account has been created through AlarmNet, TC2 is supported, as long as the panel is a version 20.1 or higher.

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