How do I get electricity to a Honeywell L7000?

Alarm Grid prefers two different methods for getting power to the L7000 which does not come packaged with a power cord though it does include the 300-04705 power supply. This cable allows for even the least experienced end-user to plug in the system, and have it up and running within minutes.

All that needs to be done is connecting the LT-Cables prongs to the power supply. Make sure to connect DC connectors - red (+) and black (-) - to the correct terminals on the power supply. Then plug the ac side into the back of the panel.

Below is a visual of us connecting the LT Cable to an L5100, which is the older Honeywell panel. However, the process is the same for the newer L5200 and L7000, as it is for the older L5100 and L5000 panels.

The second way is to purchase wire from a local retailer. Alarm Grid recommends using 22 gauge (or preferably 18 AWG), stranded 2-conductor wire. As is the case with the LT-Cable, make sure to observe polarity. After cutting the wire to a desired length and stripping both ends, connect the black to the (-) terminal and the red to the (+) on the transformer. Then place the red wire into the + screw terminal in the back of the L7000 and the black wire into the GND (-) screw terminal.

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