How Do I Get My ADC-V523 Added to a Network Using WPS?

You can get your ADC-V523 added to a network using WPS by pressing and holding the camera's WPS/Reset button until its LED light is blinking blue and then activating the WPS function on your WIFI router. Once the LED on the camera is green, it means that the camera is successfully online.

WPS means "WIFI Protected Setup". Compared with Access Point (AP) Mode pairing, WPS pairing is easier, but also less secure. Most experts in the field of network security recommend that WPS mode be disabled at the router. Both WPS mode and AP mode accomplish the same goal of getting the camera online so that it can ultimately be paired with Keep in mind that you must have WPS enabled on your WIFI router for this process to work. Once the ADC-V523 is online, it can be paired with the user's account via the website or the mobile app.

Complete the following steps to pair your ADC-V523 Camera with a WIFI network using WPS pairing:

1. Power the camera. Start by providing power to the camera using its included plug-in transformer. Connect the ADC-V523 Camera to the transformer using the barrel connector. Then plug the transformer end into a working outlet. The LED light for the camera will begin flashing, indicating that it has been powered on.

2. Activate camera WPS mode. Locate the WPS/Reset button for the ADC-V523 under the rubber Micro SD card cover on the bottom of the camera. It can be seen in the diagram below, circled in green. Press and hold this button until the LED begins blinking blue. The flashing blue LED light indicates that the camera is in its WPS mode.

3. Activate router WPS mode. Go to your WIFI router, and locate its WPS button. Refer to its user manual if you need help finding it. Press and hold this button until an indication showing that WPS mode has been activated is displayed. Most routers that support WPS will also allow you to access its interface through a web browser and enable WPS from that platform as an alternative point of access. Either method will accomplish the same end goal.

4. Confirm network pairing. Once you have WPS active on both the camera and the router, the camera should then pair with the WIFI network. Observe the LED on the ADC-V523. It should first turn red, and then begin flashing green, and lastly turn solid green to indicate a successful network pairing. Once the camera is online, it can then be tied to the customer's account at to allow for remote viewing.

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