How Do I Get My ADC-V622 Added to My Account Via the Website?

You can get your ADC-V622 added to your account via the website by first getting the camera online and then accessing your account through a compatible web browser so that you can provide the unique MAC Address for the camera and complete the device integration.

For this FAQ, we are assuming that the camera has already been connected to the network. This can be done via AP Mode pairing or WPS pairing for WIFI connectivity, or you can get it online using a hardwired ethernet connection. We will also assume that you already have an account with video services enabled by your monitoring provider. The process for integrating the ADC-V622 with your account can be completed through the website or the Mobile App. This FAQ focuses solely on pairing through the website.

Complete the following steps to pair your ADC-V622 Camera with your account via the website:

1. Access the ADC website. Open a compatible web browser, and go to the website. Then login using your username and password, and complete two-factor authentication (2FA) if it is enabled. If you are having trouble accessing your account, then reach out to your monitoring provider for further help and assistance.

2. Enter Add Video Device. After you have successfully logged into your account, start by choosing Video on the left-hand side. Select Settings on the top bar, followed by Add Video Device. This menu will let you pair a camera.

4. Finish the integration. If your ADC-V622 is online on the same network as the device you are using to access, then it should appear on the screen. Its MAC Address and local IP Address should also be displayed. There will be a Name field where you can provide a name for the camera. We named ours ALARM GRID in the example below. There should also be a blue "Install" or "Upgrade & Install" button, depending on whether or not your camera needs a firmware update. You can click the blue button either way. Just note that the updating process may take upwards of thirty (30) minutes if the camera requires an update. Also note that even though we have an ADC-V723 shown in the example, the screen should look pretty much the same with the ADC-V622.

If you cannot get the camera to automatically appear, then you can try clicking the Refresh Devices button in the upper-right corner. Also try manually entering the camera's unique 12-character MAC Address into the corresponding field and pressing Find to see if you can locate it that way.

Upon adding the camera and it completing the installation process, it should then display a Status if "Ready", and you can then press the blue Live View button to start viewing the camera's live video steam. This will help you verify that the setup was successful.

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