How Do I Install A 2Gig GoControl?

Make sure the control panel is completely powered down making sure both the transformer and the panel battery are disconnected.

Remove the locking screw from the top of the 2Gig GoControl panel and separate the front from the back using a small flat head screwdriver.

Before mounting the 2Gig GoControl alarm panel to a wall, select and connect the means of communication. Options of communication is land line, cellular communicator or ip internet connection.

Use the mounting plate as a template to mark the wall for the wiring slot. If using the cell radio module with an external antenna, remove the plastic knockout tab and mark the wall. Using a saw, cut the openings in the wall. Attach the mounting plate to the wall using the 3 screws included.

To install a 2Gig-GC 3G cell radio module, Plug the cell module into the control panel and secure with the included screws and lock washers. Connect the antenna to the cell module. The antenna is installed inside the wall with the end of it hanging straight down (please refer to the cell radio module install manual for complete instructions).

To connect to a landline (telephone jack), a 2Gig GoControl Potts Module must be installed. Plug the wire from the potts module to the rj jack. For proper line seizure all house telephone connects must pass thru the RJ31X jack. Run a 4 conductor phone wire (use only 26 AWG or larger for phone wire) to the telephone demarcation point to the control panel mounting plate (please refer to the install manual for complete RJ31X jack connection).

To connect the ip internet connection please refer to the install manual.

Connect the power supply. Users have the choice to run a 2 conductor wire or purchase the 2Gig AC2-Plug. The AC2-Plug is 10 feet in length and has a prefabricated male DC connector on one end and the plug in transformer on the other. Plug the male connector into the power port located on the backside of the control panel. Plug the transformer into a non-switch controlled outlet.

Install the backup battery into the connector on the control panel.

Place the bottom of the panel over the lower lip of the back plate and flip the control panel up, now push the control panel over the mounting plate until it snaps into place. Re-screw the locking screw.

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