How Do I Install a Honeywell 5809 Heat Detector?

The 5809 is a wireless heat sensor used to protect property. Heat detectors are placed in areas where the environment is likely to cause false smoke alarms, but where fire protection is still needed. This includes kitchens, garages, sheds, and so on. Mount the detector as follows:

  1. Choose a mounting location away from heat generating apparatus such as Ovens, Boilers, Furnaces, Heating Vents. The 5809 is intended for dry, indoor use only.
  2. If ceiling mounting, be sure to mount at least 4 inches from any wall. If wall mounting, be sure to mount at least 4 inches to 6 inches from the ceiling. Make sure the wall or ceiling temperature will not exceed 100 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Maximum spacing for the 5809 is 50 feet by 50 feet (30 feet by 30 feet in UL installations), so if mounting several 5809’s in an area, this spacing should be considered.
  4. Prior to permanently mounting the 5809, it should be learned into the alarm panel, and an RF Go-no-Go test should be conducted several times to be sure it has a good transmission path. See the Installation Instructions for the panel being used to find out how to perform this test.
  5. Once the transmission path has been verified, with the 5809 off the base, determine exactly where you will mount it. There are a variety of holes in the mounting plate to accommodate wall or ceiling mounting, securing to a 4 inch junction box, or a 3 ¼ inch octagonal box. Be sure to use at least 2 of the mounting holes. If wiring directly to drywall, be sure to also use the anti-twist mounting hole. This will prevent the base from coming loose should you need to twist the 5809 off the base in the future.
  6. With the mounting plate securely fastened, attach the 5809 to the base by aligning the index tabs to the recesses on the base. Press down and turn clockwise until the 5809 locks into place. Avoid touching the metal disc in the center of the 5809.
  7. Follow step 5 again, conducting another RF Go-no-Go test to be certain the 5809 has a good transmission path in its permanent location. Again perform this test several times with this device, not just once.

    There are several iterations of the 5809, there is the 5809F and 5809FXT, which have only a Fixed temp (135 degrees Fahrenheit) sensor. The 5809 has recently been replaced by the 5809SS, which has exactly the same features as the 5809, but is made by System Sensor instead of Chemtronics.

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Cool! Thanks!
You should change the loop to 1 instead of 4. Loop 4 is the pre-programmed loop for the device's tamper detection so if you auto-enrolled the heat detector to your Lyric by removing the head from the base, it would have auto-enrolled as loop 4. When on loop 4, the device would only ever trigger on tamper and never on actual heat detection. Once you re-save it as loop 1, with Device Type as 'Heat Sensor' and Response Type as 'Fire No Verification', the sensor should activate as expected.
What are the loop number/zones and device types available for the 5809SS? I had my Lyric autodetect my 5809SS and it selected loop 4, and unknown device type. I figure the device type is "Heat Detect" and selected that. And what loop?

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