How do I install a Honeywell 7847i on a VISTA-15P?

The 7847i is an internet alarm communicator that you can add to a VISTA-15P security system. The 7847i is powered by AlarmNet and provides internet alarm communications to the VISTA Series of alarm control panels.

If you have connected a keypad to your VISTA-15P security system, then you will be able to install a 7847i. The internet communicator should be wired in parallel along with any wired alarm keypad, wireless receiver or four wire alarm sensor. The picture in the installation guide for the 7847i is not as clear about the connections as it should be. You will need to connect terminal 3 on the 7847i to terminal 5 on the VISTA-15P. Terminal 4 on the communicator should be connected to terminal 4 on the control panel. Terminal 5 on the 7847i should be connected to terminal 7 on the VISTA-15P. The last connection is terminal 6 on the 7847i to terminal 6 on the VISTA-15P. With these connections, your installation is nearly complete.

Simply mount the 7847i on the wall and connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Ethernet port on the 7847i. If you can't make the wired connection between the router and the Internet alarm communicator, you can connect a wireless gaming adapter to bridge the connection wirelessly, but a wired Ethernet is recommended.

Finally, install the cover on the 7847i so that you don't get a bF or Check 103 error on your VISTA-15P keypads.

Once you have installed your 7847i internet alarm communicator, you can sign up for any of our no-contract AlarmNet monitoring plans.

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Hi Joe, Your panel can be chip upgraded to support the Total Connect 2.0 features. It needs to be a version 9.12 or higher. Here's a link to the upgrade prom, which you can buy from us. For our purposes, Self Monitoring and Total Connect 2.0 are the same product. You can sign up for our Self Monitoring service, using your 7847i, and the cost would be $10 per month with no contract, and no activation fee. We do offer technical support, and can help you with programming, as long as your panel hasn't been locked out of local programming. We can help you figure that out. You can call us at 888-818-7728 Monday - Friday 9am - 9pm, or email us at
Hello! I also have a Vista-15PSIA system. The chip is labeled WA15PSIA-8.1 I am no longer under contract and I own the system. I am wanting to add smartphone control and SMS alerts to the system. It seems like the 787i will do this. It also looks like I can set it up to notify me even though the alarm is not set. Is this the best way to do this? Do I need to have a contract through something like "Total Connect"? What is your "Self Monitoring"? So many questions! Can I get technical support through you? I want to remove some wireless sensors and convert them to wired.
It is possible to set the phone line AKA "Primary Dialer" as primary and the 7847i AKA "Long Range Radio" to secondary. You will want to set field *55 to 0. This will set the phone line as primary and the IP path as secondary. Then you can set field *54 (Dynamic Signaling Delay) to 0 if you would like to send both paths simultaneously, set to 1 for 15 second delay or 2 for 30 second delay. The most common setup is to set *54 to 2 which allows the system to try the phone line first and if it does not transmit properly within 30 seconds it will send via the IP path.
I want to add the 7847i to my Vista-15PSIA to have Internet access but I still want to use my Telco line for the primary notification to my alarm monitoring company. Is this possible?
It should be compatible with all VISTA-15Ps. The real question is do you want Total Connect. If you do, you will need a certain revision of a 15P. If you look in the center of your green circuit board (inside the beige metal alarm cabinet), there should be a black chip that starts with WA15P. If you can provide the remaining numbers on the chip, we can let you know what Total Connect version is supported. If you don't care about Total Connect, the 7847i will work and will provide you with internet based monitoring and you can sign up for service at
HOw can I tell if this is compatiable with my current VISTA -15P Model?

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