How Do I Program a Honeywell 5800WAVE to a L5210?

The 5800WAVE is fully compatible with the LYNX 5210. For the L5210 to use the 5800WAVE, set the House ID to be the same on the 5800WAVE and the L5210. As long as the siren is in range and the L5210 is programmed to turn on a siren during an alarm, the system will activate the siren.

The dip switches on the 5800WAVE siren are located inside the unit on the upper hand hand corner of the system board. The installation manual for the unit has a legend which shows how to set the dip switches to configure the House ID on the siren. This legend is included below.

The House ID is a feature that allows certain devices from the 5800 wireless line to use bi-directional communication. All 5800 wireless devices that don’t have a House ID only communicate to the panel. The 5800WAVE requires the House ID as this lets the L5210 communicate to the wireless siren to turn the unit on.

Learn how to interface the 5800WAVE by following these steps:

1. Set the House ID on the L5210.

The House ID setting is found within the programming menus on the L5210. Also called the RF House code. Learn how to program the House ID here.

2. Set the House ID on the 5800WAVE.

The House ID on the wireless siren needs to be the same as the L5210. Here is the legend from the units installation manual which shows how to set the dip switches.

3. Plug the 5800WAVE into a wall outlet.

The 5800WAVE has an internal backup battery but it does need to be plugged into a 110 volt outlet to function. The center screw on an outlet can be removed and replaced with the mounting screw. This pushes through the opening on the center of the siren and screws onto the outlet.

4. Check that the siren is enabled in system programming.

To check that the siren is enabled on the L5210 system, on the home screen, click on Security -> More -> Tools -> Enter the installer code (the default is 4112) -> Program -> -> Press the down arrow once -> Sounder

Within this menu the siren can be enabled or disabled for Buglary alarms. Also there is a timer for how long the siren sounds in a Burglary or Fire alarm event can be adjusted.

5. Test the siren.

If your system has central station monitoring you will want to put your account on test to prevent a false alarm from occurring from the test. The siren can be enabled by arming the system and setting off an alarm or setting off a fire detection device. Also, an audible panic will set the siren off too.

6. If you want to supervise the siren for AC loss, RF supervision, low battery and tamper troubles you can enroll the 5800WAVE as a wireless zone on your L5210. Again you do not have to do this for the siren to sound during alarms. This is an added supervision feature only required if you want to be notified of the troubles listed above.

There is an integrated reed switch built into the side of the siren. A magnet should be aligned with the reed switch that way if the siren ripped off the wall it will trip the circuit just like a door contact. The magnet is not included. We recommend the 5899 magnet.

Go into zone programming in the installer programming mode. Then type in the 7 digit serial number and assign the device to loop 1. The response type generally should be set to Trouble Day / Alarm Night. This response type means that when it is tripped when the system is disarmed (day) it will cause a trouble and when the system is armed (night) it will cause an alarm.

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Unfortunately there is not a way to ignore the battery error. I would suggest replacing the battery for the siren.
Hi, I keep getting a low battery warning from the 5800WAVE siren. I have to bypass it a day. The unit was not installed for a while and I installed a few days ago. It seems like the battery is not getting charged. Is there a way to ignore the battery warning (if I don't want to replace it)

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