How do I program a new zone on a Honeywell VISTA 21iP?

After you install a new sensor to your VISTA-21iP you will need to program the device. In order to program a new sensor the system requires an alphanumeric keypad such as the 6160 keypad. Although fixed english keypads like the 6150 can get you into basic programming menus it is not capable of menu mode programming such as *56 zone menu mode.

First you will need your installer code. If you do not have your installer code you can use the back door method. After entering programming mode press *56 to get into zone programming. Enter zero when asks, "Set to confirm?" Then select the zone number you would like to program. Make sure to enter zero first on zones 01 through 09. Use the VISTA-21iP Installation manual as a programming guide. Page 5-1 will walk you through the steps of zone programming.

After the fields are completed, you can program the zone name by pressing 1 when prompted to "Program ALPHA." Press 0 on this field in order to review programming. When you are ready to exit the menu mode, press 00 when prompted to "Enter Zn Num." You will still be in programming at this point. Press *99 to exit programming completely.

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