How do I program a SIXFOB to the Lyric security system?

You will program a SIXFOB by first deciding which functions you want to use. Once you have determined the desired usage, enter programming, go to Keys, and select "Add New". Fill in the appropriate information, including "Key Type" and "Serial Number". Be sure to press "Save" when exiting.

The SIXFOB is a 4 button, encrypted wireless key, which allows you to securely Arm AWAY, Arm STAY, DISARM or activate a PANIC on the Lyric Controller. The range for the SIXFOB is up to 300 feet, though it may vary due to environmental conditions. To program a SIXFob into the Lyric Controller, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter Programming. Enter program mode by pressing Security > Tools > Installer Code > Program > Keys.
  2. Choose Add New. Select “Add New”. The next available fob zones will be selected, based on the fob type you choose to program.
  3. Choose Fob Type. In Key Type, select “Key Fob”. There is an option that allows you to require 2 button presses simultaneously to activate a panic. We’ll discuss that option later.
  4. Program Serial Number. Press the section for Serial Number, this will take you to the “Enter Serial Number or Activate Sensor” screen. On the SIXFob, press and hold the top two buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds. The top two green LED’s should begin to flash back and forth alternately. Enrollment can take up to 20 seconds. The MAC/Serial Number should then populate the Lyric Screen. When enrollment is complete, the SIXFob’s LED’s will light solid green for 3 seconds, and the fob will emit a brief chirp to confirm enrollment.
  5. Confirm Serial Number. Press and hold the top two buttons simultaneously again for 2 seconds to confirm enrollment. Both top LED’s will light for about 3 seconds, the Lyric Controller will give a single beep, and you’ll be taken back to the programming page.
  6. Assign a User. Select a valid User. If you select a User Number that does not have a proper User Code associated with it, the SIXFOB will not work.
  7. Program Each Button. Make sure each of the SIXFob buttons are programmed for the proper action, then click “Save”. Typically, Button Key 1 (top left) is set to Arm Away, Button Key 2 (top right) is set for Disarm, Button Key 3 (bottom left) is set for Arm Stay, and Button Key 4 (bottom right) is set as No Response. This button can be changed to provide either a silent or an audible Panic response.
  8. Exit Programming. This will take you back to the “Keys” page, where you can add another SIXFob, if necessary. Otherwise, press the back arrow until you have completely exited programming.

In some areas, SIA programming is required for wireless keys. This means in order to allow a panic to be triggered by a Key Fob, 2 buttons must be pressed simultaneously in order to send a panic signal. There are two ways you can achieve this with the SIXFOB:

Option 1

Choose 8-Button Key Type. Follow the directions above, but for “Key Type” select “8-Button” and program Button Key 8 for the desired Panic Function. This will use 8 zones per fob, even though there are really only 4 functions being used.

Option 2

Choose 6-Button Key Type. Follow the directions above, but for “Key Type” select “6-Button” and program Button 6 as the desired Panic Function. MAKE NOTE OF THE ZONE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO BUTTON 6. Using the Back arrow, back up until you see “Zones”. Enter Zone Programming. Go to the Zone assigned to Button 6, and edit the loop number to Loop 5. Then Save.

Once programmed using either of these methods, you activate the panic by pressing and holding the bottom 2 buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds.

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