Can I program Yale Z-wave deadbolt locks to LYNX Touch?

First, you will need to program the user codes in the Yale Real Living Z-wave deadbolt door lock. Then you will need to enroll the Z-wave door lock to the Honeywell LYNX Touch alarm system. After you have successfully completed these steps you can go into Automation on your LYNX Touch alarm system.

Press the down key followed by 'Tools.' Then enter 'Advanced Tools.' When prompted enter your master code or installer code. Then click on 'Locking Door.' The 'Z-wave locking door' setting will execute the chosen alarm state (i.e. arm away or arm stay). ANYTIME the Yale Real Living Z-wave deadbolt is locked the alarm system will follow this setting. For example, if you chose arm away then the panel will auto arm away any time the door is locked. Honeywell's logic behind this is based on the fact that most Z-Wave door locks utilize a single button press for locking the door. In other words, this is a global setting that does not currently support user specific arming from a door lock. Next, lets discuss how to setup disarming from the door lock.

First, we will enter the master programming menu by entering the following sequence: Security + More (bottom right) + Tools + Enter Master Code. Now click the 'Users' icon. Then select which individual user code(s) you would like to have the ability to auto disarm when used to unlock the Z-wave door lock.

Simply highlight the desired user codes then click 'Edit.' Set 'Zwave Lock Control' to 'Yes.' Then set 'Zwave Unlocking Door' to 'Disarm.' Make sure to save each time you make a change to each user. Exit out of programming and start testing!

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I have updated the language in the FAQ to explain that arming from the door lock is not user specific. I believe this is based on the fact that most of these door locks are setup to lock with a single button press. However the true limitation is that the selection in programming is a global setting, not a setting found on the user code level. I apologize for any inconvenience.
Thank you sir. Not the answer I was hoping for but there it is.
The FAQ language is just mis-leading. The arming when locked setup isn't specific to a user. Only the disarming when unlocked is specific to a user code.
Is that the case for yale as well? Second paragraph of this faq implies PIN code validation can be enforced when locking with that brand. Really appreciate your help!
You are correct, if you have the panel set to arm when the lock is locked, it will do it no matter how the lock is locked.
There is only one sub user defined and it has access to disarm via the lock. The problem, I suspect, is that the 916 has a one-touch locking feature that cannot be disabled like the Yale locks. Since Kwikset has no way to enforce PIN code entry locking... they simply transmit the lock event based on the orientation of the latch. With Automation->Tools->Advanced Tools->Locking Door set to Arm Away, my system will arm just by locking the deadbolt with the knob from inside the home. I do not believe there is a way to prevent this but would love to be proven wrong. ;-)
If you go to Users and edit the user that you don't want to arm the system, what settings do you have on that screen?
Has anyone had success getting Kwikset locks to perform as described in this FAQ? My model 916 will disarm the L7000 only for specifically authorized users. So far, so good. Unfortunately, the arm function seems open to all comers. Even locking the deadbolt with the key generates an arm event. Is it possible to program the panel or lock to allow only authorized PINs to arm the system?
I'm glad to hear you were able to get back into programming. Let us know if you need any further assistance.
Thanks it worked. B
This FAQ should help -
How do you reset the program function on the lynx 7000
We're glad to have helped!
Works perfect and easy...thanks for the's a big help

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