How do I enroll a Yale ZWAVE deadbolt with a LYNXTouch?

In order to enroll any Z-wave devices with your Honeywell LYNX Touch security system, you will need to install the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE module. This module supports up to 4 Z-wave door locks for the LYNX Touch L5100 and L5200; while the L7000 supports up to 6 door locks.

First, enter the Automation settings on your LYNX Touch. Press the down key then the 'Tools' icon. Next we are going to enter the inclusion mode so we can enroll our new Z-wave door lock by clicking 'Include Devices.' Once in inclusion mode you should see a message that says, "Ready to include device."

Now we will step over to the Yale Real Living Z-wave deadbolt unit and have it join the Z-wave network being broadcasted by the LYNX Touch alarm system. Enter the master PIN followed by #. Then enter 7 followed # which will bring you in network settings. Lastly, enter 1 followed by #. (Master PIN + #, 7 + #, 1 + #)

It may take a minute or two for you LYNX Touch to see the device. Once it does it will show up on the screen of the LYNX Touch. If it does not show up then repeat the steps. If you have already connected the Z-wave device to another controller you must remove it from the other network first. You can remove the device from a network by entering the master PIN followed by #. Then enter 7 followed # which will bring you in network settings. Lastly, enter 3 followed by #. (Master PIN + #, 7 + #, 3 + #) Once the device is successfully removed you can follow the steps above to join the LYNX Touch network.

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Hmm that is strange. I have seen an issue with the Schlage BE468 where it will crash the system when you the controller triggers commands to more than one door lock at a time but I have not seen that on the Yales before. When you get the new door lock I would recommend bringing the panel to door on battery power and including it within 10 feet. Then give a few minutes and move the panel back to its original position. Sometimes enrolling it closer to the controller does the trick. It sounds like you may have a faulty unit if all that fails to rectify the situation.
I would recommend something like the Linear PD300Z-2 ( This is easy to install and can be used to control a load up to 300 watts.
Door is made of fiberglass. Not working any better. Same issue. Both work independently, but not together. Yale today told me they are sending me a new inside escutcheon to replace mine. Will see what happens. Thanks,
What device do you recommend between the two to boost the signal?
Has the door lock been working any better lately? It is odd that it enrolled and worked on TC then stopped working altogether. What is the door made of? Wood, metal, vinyl?
50 feet is really pushing it when it comes to certain Z-Wave devices. I find that these door lock really prefer 35 feet or less from node to node. I would recommend positioning the panel closer or including another Z-Wave device that between the two.
Did the process to include the Yale lock but the Panel does not find the device. Tried it a couple times. I also tried first to remove device. The lock is about 50 feet from the panel. Any suggestions?
It worked locally once initially and then stopped. Sync did not help as I did it a million times and it showed the lock as offline. Initially when I bought and setup the lock, I programmed users onto the lock from front panel of lock, and this time, I let tuem sync from Lynx. Well, after all of this offline not working, the following morning all users were deleted from lock also... Never happened before. I manually added and tyey are still on there.
Is it working locally still from the panel? Or after you tried from TC2 it stopped working from the keypad as well? I would recommend issuing another manual panel sync in the locations section on TC2. Make sure if shows "automation sync successful." Give the lock at least 5 minutes after the sync and toggle it from the panel. See if TC updates the correct status of the door lock first. Then try to operate it.
So, status update. I got home and did a full reset of everything z-wave. I excluded the lock from panel, reset it, reinstalled z-wave module, setup only lock admin account and calibrated lock. On the panel, I reset z-wave controller, cleared it and set new houseID. I also deleted anything related to the lock such as rules, scenes, etc. I verified that the lock and notifications were all gone in TC 2. Once all was reset, I included the lock, it confirmed and shortly after the panel confirmed it was included. Took a few minutes to sync, but when ready, all 5 users were synced to lock and everything began to work so beautifully. Unlocking the lock by any user code disarmed system, and I tried every user and dozens of times and all worked flawless. Happy me, I went to the panel and locked the door. Worked like a charm. I then logged into TC 2 (15 minutes later) and verified that the lock was there and showed correct status. I attempted to lock the door, and the lock went offline, to never recover again. It now shows offline on the TC 2 on computer and mobile app. Panel and TC 2 communicate fine and are synced. Any other suggestions?
I hesitated, but will do so today after work as I see no other option before thinking I have a defect somewhere. Remind me please, can the lock sync users from the panel, or will I have to create them all again from scratch?
Have you reset the lock itself? It will clear all the codes and restore everything back to default but that is the only troubleshooting step left.
Lock timed out on panel.
Master honeywell code works. All users enabled to disarm also worked until recent. Master lock code does not work as it is 6 digits.
Sync did not help. Lock shows offline. Tried to lock from panel, also no go, but not reporting trouble. Think it's time to call Yale.
The disarm setting is based on the user code used to open the lock. Only codes enabled to do so will work. Furthermore, the master code does not work on this particular door lock. Only users 3 and above.
Big however though. I have it set to disarm the alarm when door is opened, and now it does not do that either. Only sometimes..
Well that is great news. This means that the link to TC is the issue. I would recommend issuing a panel sync in the locations section. After the automation sync processes successfully let me know if it still shows offline. If it does shoot me an email at so I can create a ticket for you.
Great question. Even made me think and have to go check. Lock on 7000 shows correct, but on TC is now offline.
Hmm that is strange. I have seen this behavior from low batteries but it sounds like you have already swapped in new ones. Is this issue on the L7000 screen or Total Connect?
No other devices. Lock is about 25' from head unit. Worked like a charm initially and last week not working at all.
No other devices. Lock is about 25' from head unit. Worked like a charm initially and last week not working at all.
Have you recently included any other Z-Wave devices? Z-wave works as a mesh network and adding new devices can throw off communications. How far is the door lock from the L7000?
Several months into using my Yale deadbolt with the L7000, it started reporting trouble, then restoring, tuen showing offline, frequently throughout the day. I removed and re-enrolled the lock, reset controller, etc. no resolution. Anyone have any suggestions? It used to work flawlessly. I even installed fresh batteries.

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