How Do I Register A Lyric Security System Sim Card?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller Security System has a built-in WiFi module and is compatible with the Lyric-3g and the LyricLTE-A cellular communicators. The Lyric-3g cell communicator supports the AT&T 3G network, whereas the LyricLTE-A supports the LTE network. Both function similarly.

Both the Lyric-3G and the LyricLTE-A come equipped with their own sim card. The included sim card is the one that is needed to be registered and activated as the cell communicators do not support any other sim card.

Only Honeywell / AlarmNet dealers can register and activate the Lyric's cellular communicator

Each cellular communicator is provided with an AID number and a CRC number. Each pair of numbers is unique and is only assigned to one individual cell unit. The account will be created based on the MAC and CRC of the Lyric Controller itself, but the AID and CRC numbers can be used to check whether or not the SIM is activated, and if not, to request re-activation.

Users will need to provide the panel's MAC ID and CRC numbers to their monitoring provider. These numbers are found through programming on the Lyric system, or on the box the system was packaged in.

The MAC ID number is a 12 digit number, that sometimes starts with 00-D0-2D, followed by 6 additional numbers and letters. However, newer Lyric Systems may have B8-2C-A0 as their MAC prefix. The CRC number is a 4 digit combination of numbers and letters.

Installing either the Lyric-3G or LyricLTE-A cell communicator will provide the Lyric Controller with dual communication when it is also joined to a WIFI network.

Dual communication is the most secure path of communication. If for any reason the internet communication is lost, the cell communicator will kick in and send the signals to AlarmNet servers.

Once activated, users can enjoy the benefits of being connected to Total Connect 2.0 (Total Connect 2.0 requires either internet or cellular communicators).

Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control a Honeywell alarm system, home automation and video surveillance from any computer, smartphone or iOS device. User will receive notifications via email, text message or push notification on any alarm signal or event.

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If you live outside the US I recommend just ordering the Lyric without any cellular module. I am not aware of any way that this system will operate on cellular networks outside of the US and Canada. You will have to use the integrated WIFI communicator until Honeywell adds this functionality.
I would like to order a lyric system from you guys but I don't think my local alarm company in my country has the 3G module for it. I was told they do have a Honeywell module but I am still waiting for them to let me know what system it's for but if it isn't for the lyric would I still be able to use the SIM from it if I get a Lyric kit from you guys that has a 3G module?
Ok you would be a good candidate for our Gold plan. I recommend reaching out to your current provider at least 30 days before the contract cycle date to avoid them from locking you back in. In some cases you may have to put it in writing. Then You can simply sign up for our gold plan a week or so in advance to schedule an activation.
I have the cellular monitoring, was looking for ways to save money on that service. We do not have a land line so we had to go cellular. I have about 6 months to go on our current contract ( renews in Jan).
I assume you don't have the cellular monitoring activated on the system now correct? How long into the 1 year monitoring plan are you so far?
Yes, We purchased a new home that came with the Lyric system and 1 yr monitoring. I plan to add more sensors for downstair windows. I have had some issue with the glass break sensor. We have had a lot of false alarms caused by the kids screaming or loud noises. Overall we like the system. I really like the ability to arm and monitor the system from my phone or tablet.
it was my pleasure Mark. Do you already have a Lyric system now or are you planning to get one? We have no-contract alarm monitoring plans online at and as long as you aren't under contract now, it would be easy to switch to us if we could save you any money or provide you with better support than your existing company.
Thank you for your prompt reply.
No, you can't use your own SIM card and even if you did try, whichever AlarmNet dealer you choose to go with for monitoring service of your Lyric would be charged by Honeywell for the cellular service so you'd end up paying the cellular monitoring rate to the dealer plus the cost of the SIM you have with Verizon so there would be no advantage to using your own SIM.
If I have verizon phone account can I use a Sim linked to that account in the CDMA module?

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