How do I Register the L7000's 3GL?

To register your L7000’s 3GL cellular communicator, you will need to provide the MAC and CRC codes from the 3GL to your Honeywell AlarmNet certified alarm company. They will be able to register your system remotely using AlarmNet 360 software or locally at the panel from the installer programming mode.

  1. Provide the MAC and MAC CRC codes to AlarmNet dealer. You can obtain these from the sticker on the module or in panel programming. The MAC will start with ‘00D02D’ and will be followed by 6 alphanumeric characters. The CRC code will be listed alongside the MAC. The CRC is 4 alphanumeric characters. The codes will be listed on either the box itself, or a sticker on the module.

    If the module is already installed within the panel, you will be able to access the codes through programming. From the home screen, press the ‘Security’ icon. Then press the ‘More’ option, which is located on the bottom right of the screen. Press ‘Tools’ and then enter your Installer code, default is (4112). Then follow these prompts: ‘Program’ > ‘Comm Diagnostics’ > press the down arrow > ‘Communication ID Numbers’.
  2. Work with your AlarmNet dealer through the registration process. During the signup process, you will be prompted to enter your panel information. You will see blank spaces that ask for the MAC and CRC codes, this is the best way to register the 3GL since this is the information your alarm company will need when activating your panel. If the 3GL is installed prior to the activation, you will want to go into programing with your installer code and enter into the ‘Communicator’ option. The first option within the communicator menu is "Communication Path." Press that option to toggle the comm path to “WIFI & GSM” or just “GSM.” On newer firmware this may say "WIFI & Cellular" or "Cellular." If you have a L5100-WIFI module paired to your local WIFI network you can choose the dual path option of "WIFI & GSM." Otherwise just choose "GSM."

    After you have verified that the communication paths are properly calibrated, save your settings and back out to the home screen. The final step would be emailing your Honeywell certified alarm company with the MAC and CRC codes from the communicator. They will then update your Alarmnet account and register the cell communicator. If all the information was filled out properly, the 3GL will be successfully registered.

    Your dealer will be able to remotely register your 3GL from the AlarmNet server. Generally this will be processed with the alarm owner or installer on site with the keypad available to troubleshoot any potential issues. If unable to register from the server level the 3GL can be registered locally from the panel.
  3. Confirm cell signal with AlarmNet dealer after registration. After the 3GL has been registered on the AlarmNet server your L7000 will be able to report signals to the Total Connect 2.0 app and a central station. Your alarm company may have have varying monitoring plans that include one or both of these services. Your alarm company will be able to provide an exact cellular signal reading after the radio has been registered. This will give you an idea of your signal strength and inform you of any need to add cellular amplifiers or antennas.

Please Note: L7000 panels with firmware revision 8 or higher are compatible with the CDMA-L57 which uses the Verizon CDMA network. The same general rules to registration apply to that communicator as well.

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