How Do I Replace an Existing Honeywell 5816 On My VISTA Security System?

You can replace an existing Honeywell 5816 on your VISTA Security System by deleting the serial number for the old 5816 sensor from the panel and adding the new serial number in its place. You must then uninstall the old Honeywell 5816 sensor from its location and install the new one.

Complete the following steps to replace a 5816 sensor on a VISTA Security System:

1. Access Serial Number and Loop Number Settings. Using the keypad for your VISTA System, enter in the following command:

[Installer Code] + [8] + [00]

The default Installer Code for a Vista Panel is 4112. After entering in this command, the message "Installer Code 20" should be displayed. This indicates that you have successfully accessed the installer menu. If only "20" is displayed, this indicates you have a fixed English keypad. Press *99 to exit programming, and return when you have an Alpha Keypad.

Then press [*56] to access Zone Programming. When prompted "Set to Confirm?" Press [0]. Then enter the two-digit zone number for the zone associated with the old 5816 sensor. Then press the [*] key five times. You should be taken to a screen where you can input a Serial Number (SN) and Loop Number (L).

2. Delete the old Serial Number. Assuming that the old sensor was learned in properly, the cursor should be on the selector for the Loop Number. Press [0] to assign a Loop Number of 0. This will tell the system to delete the old serial number. Then press the [*] key to confirm.

3. Learn in the new sensor. You can learn in the new sensor by faulting and restoring it two times. To do this, simply hold the sensor and the magnet together with your hands. Then separate the sensor from the magnet to fault it and return the magnet to restore it. The serial number and loop will be displayed and a double beep can be heard. After the second fault and restore, three beeps will sound, and the cursor will move to the loop number. When the information entered is correct, press * to continue.

4. Exit programming. Press the [*] to continue through the menus. Keep pressing this key until you are prompted to choose a Zone (Zn) Number. This will indicate that you have cycled through Zone Programming entirely. Enter in [00] to exit Zone Programming. Then press [*99] to exit programming altogether. The keypad will go back to the main screen.

5. Remove the old sensor. Remove the old 5816 and its magnet from the door or window. If it is screwed in, then you will need a screwdriver to complete this process.

6. Install the new sensor. Install the new 5816 sensor and magnet in the same location as the old device. You can do this using screws or with double-sided foam tape.

7. Test the new device. Once it has been permanently mounted, test the device again to ensure proper operation.

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