How do I run power to a Honeywell L5200?

Like all Honeywell security systems, the L5200 is made to be installed by a professional. Honeywell's assumption is that those putting these systems in have installed dozens of these before, and that they have a giant spindle of cable in the back of their truck. For that reason, the L5200 does not come with wire, which can be confusing to consumers who could have rightly expected that everything needed to install the system would have come included.

Getting power to the unit is very simple, however if you use either of our preferred methods for powering up the unit.

The simplest method for powering an L5200 is to purchase the 8-foot long LT-Cable. This AC cable is a simple, plug-and-play method from moving power from the plugged in transformer to the unit itself. This is demonstrated in the video below. The video displays how to do this process on an L5100, but the L5200 and the L7000 are very similar with regard to using the LT-Cable.

For those who like to live dangerously and make their lives a little bit more difficult, this same thing can be accomplished using 22 gauge (or preferably 18 AWG), stranded 2-conductor wire. Take this wire, strip the insulation from the ends. Using wire will require an user to be vigilant of polarity. Connect the red (+) and the black (-) to the Honeywell 300-04705 that came with the kit. Inside of the system, slide the red and black cords into the positive and GND screw terminals respectively and make sure to tighten them up.

Both of these methods will be effective in getting the system up and running, though the LT-Cable obviously makes it much easier.

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