How Do I Activate the 2GIG Edge System On

You can activate the 2GIG Edge System on by providing your IMEI number to your monitoring provider and then following the steps in the email you receive to access your account. You can then use to control the system remotely and to receive system alerts.

Activating your 2GIG Edge for monitoring service and for use with is one of the first things you will want to do after setting up the system. Most of this process is handled by your alarm monitoring provider after you sign-up for a monitoring plan. Per requirements, a cellular communication path must be set up as part of the process. Fortunately, the 2GIG Edge comes with a built-in cellular communicator (AT&T LTE or Verizon LTE), so you do not need to add any hardware to activate the system. Just make sure to choose a monitoring plan that includes cellular service and access to, such as an Alarm Grid Gold or Platinum Plan (Self or Full). More information is available on our alarm monitoring page. Remember that there is no way to replace or swap-out the communicator for a 2GIG Edge, so the communicator's IMEI number is essentially married to the 2GIG Edge Security System.

The vast majority of the 2GIG Edge activation process is handled by your monitoring company. However, there are still a few things you will need to do on your end. First, you will need to provide the IMEI number for the panel to your monitoring provider. This is a unique code associated with the cellular communication module inside the 2GIG Edge, and your monitoring company will need this information to complete the activation. Second, after your 2GIG Edge System has been activated, you will need to log into your account. You will receive an email with instructions for you to follow. This email will include your username and a temporary password for the site and app. You should log in, then customize your account by setting up any notifications and alerts and changing your password. You may also set up two-factor authentication to provide additional protection for your account.

The following steps assume you have the 2GIG Edge powered on. It is best to have the panel in the area where it will be permanently mounted so that you and your installer will have an accurate idea of what the cellular signal strength for the communicator will be. In addition, having system programming completed is not required, but may make the rest of this process go more smoothly.

Complete the following steps to activate the 2GIG Edge System on

1. Provide the IMEI Number. Most of the activation process is handled by your monitoring provider. However, one piece of information that you will be required to provide is the system's individual IMEI number. This information can be found by starting at the main screen of the 2GIG Edge, clicking the 2GIG logo in the top-right, and choosing System Info. The System Info Menu will display the IMEI number for your panel.

2. Complete the system activation. Although the majority of the activation process is performed by your monitoring provider, you may be asked to remain on the line with your activator and on-site with your 2GIG Edge System. Please listen to your activator, and carefully follow any instructions that they give you. This will help to ensure that your 2GIG Edge System is activated as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Part of the process will usually involve completing a Cell Test for the system after the account has been built. More information on the 2GIG Edge Cell Test can be found in this FAQ.

3. Complete your ADC setup. At the end of your activation, you will receive an email with instructions for getting started with You will need to complete the configuration of your account, which includes updating the temporary password. Simply follow the instructions outlined in the email, and you should have an easy time getting started. Remember these credentials will be used for logging into and controlling your 2GIG Edge System remotely. If you run into any problems, then reach out to your monitoring provider for further help.

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